We had a bit of a rough weekend this last weekend. We are still trying to get all of our stuff moved from the old house to the new house. We actually got three loads last week before we had to leave for Raleigh.

Saturday, we got and went to a nearby town to our favorite diner, Lynn's Cafe, for breakfast. We went back to the house to change vehicles and get the truck with the trailer to go to the old house. 

At the old house, we loaded up a bunch of totes and some other stuff. Talked to the neighbor across the street (the one of only two in eight years to show any real interest in being friends). He offered to help this coming weekend to get our couches and coffee table and overstuffed chair into the trailer and then out again at the new house.

Now, bear in mind, we have lived in our new house since April! We have paid rent on the old house because the weather got so hot we could not physically move all our stuff. Then we got lazy. We have lived in our new house with our bedroom furniture, den furniture (tv, of course, and two recliners), and a breakfast table and chairs. The dining room furniture and the living room furniture and the office furniture was still at the old house.

Now the dining room furniture is all at the new house. Some of the living room furniture is now at the new house. The rest will be this weekend.

It's amazing how the aging process messes up one's life! lol I, soon, will turn 60. Some days I feel like I'm must be 20 years older! Other days, I feel 30 years younger. The heat of summer was not a good thing for me - probably not so for many, too. Now that it's cooling down, we are feeling more spry and getting more done.

We are in Seattle this week. We arrived on Sunday with virtually no sleep. We had a birthday party to attend for our great-nephew, Alex. He turned 1 on Monday. He's sooooo sweet and so cute. Thanks to the wonders of facebook, we have been able to be a part of his whole life - though we never met him until Sunday. Wish I could figure out how to post a picture from my computer.

Hubby is in meetings this week for work. They are brainstorming for a product line. He's really busy and gets really tired. Last night he had a dinner with his focus group. I went to my nephews' house for supper and he picked me up there. We were both exhausted when we got back to the hotel. We are trying to stay on east coast time so we don't get all messed up when we go home Friday.

I woke up this morning - a very good thing! I am healthy - a very good thing! I am loved and I love - a really good thing! It's a beautiful day!

-Blessings, Debi


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