Read Seattle’s Best Coffee Level System reviews and enter for your chances to win a $100 Amazon gift card!

Ever noticed how many different names there are for coffee? Well, one day we realized we should talk to our loyal coffee drinkers using the same lingo our roasters have always used – by describing the coffee in Levels. Level 1 being our lightest and mildest and Level 5 being our boldest and darkest, with unique blends at every Level in between. A system that makes super delicious premium coffee also super easy to get to. Whatever Level you choose, enjoy.

Seattle's Best believes choosing the perfect blend of coffee should be as enjoyable as drinking it. What Level are you?  Click here to find out and learn more about the Level System.

Update 5/1~  This sweepstakes has now ended.  Thank you for your interest in this promotion.  Winners will be announced soon!

12 Bloggers were asked "What Level are you?" and tried each of the 5 varieties.  They are also giving away $100 Amazon gift cards!  Read the posts below and find out what each blogger learned about the Level System and enter for your chances to win.  Then, check back on 4/18 for more chances to enter and see what Level they prefer to drink.  Good luck!

Update 4/18 ~  Our bloggers have tasted all the Levels. Read the reviews and enter for more chances to win!

Angelia of Eclectic Recipes said ~ "I was also very impressed that Seattle’s Best was able to match my real personality to my coffee personality. It was so much fun."

"I am a Level One all the way, baby!"~ Said Michelle of Burgh Baby.

"Level 5 was the definite favorite." ~ Said Alison of Gimmie Some Oven.

Kristen of Newlyweds Next Door said ~ "I am a little surprised I liked the more medium blends better, because I think of myself as a “strong coffee drinker” but I guess I like my coffee somewhere in the middle so I can drink it black and drink a lot of it!"

Busy Mom said ~ "I'm a Level 4. I thought I was going to be a Level 5 for sure, but I preferred this one, it tasted a little smoother to me."

Janet of Slice of Pink is a level 3.  Read what it means about her personality!

"Here’s the big reveal: I AM A LEVEL TWO!" ~ Said Jodi of Pistols and Popcorn.

"Level Five is the level that best suits Bossy’s overall coffee need, which Bossy can describe as emphatic." Said I am Bossy.

See what coffee lover BooMama thought of all 5 Levels.

Suburban Turmoil said ~ Level Four is for those of us who like our coffee strong, but not scathing. According to Seattle's Best Coffee, Level Four also has a "lingering body" and a "chocolatey, nutty aroma." Mmmmmm."

"After trying them all, I have to stick to my original idea that I am Level 1 or Level 2" ~ Said Rhoda of Southern Hospitality.

Our Life In The Kitchen said ~ "Each of the levels was a big hit with someone."


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Slice of Pink said ~ "I think I'd like a morning cup of Level 3, with a dash of milk and a sprinkling of fresh nutmeg."  Read more...

"The Level System allows you to easily find and choose a Seattle’s Best Coffee blend that fits your tastes and personality best." ~ Said Kirsten of Newlyweds Next Door

Karen of Our Life In The Kitchen said ~ "Seattle’s Best is one of my favorite coffee brands. But how to decide which one to enjoy?"  Read more...

Check out Jodi of Pistols and Popcorn's morning coffee routine...

Michelle of Burgh Baby said~ "I'm willing to bet my favorite coffee mug that I'm going to like either Level 1 or 2 best."  Read more...

Angelia of Eclectic Recipes said ~"I instantly fell in love with the coffee. It is rich, complex, and beats every other popular brand in my opinion."  Read more...

Rhoda of Southern Hospitality said ~ "Each morning, my coffee routine consists of one luxury cup of coffee, created by me at home using a good brew, lots of flavored creamer and topped off by my own frothed skim milk, sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon."  Read more...

I Am Bossy "thinks she’ll probably favor the stronger coffees found in Seattle’s Best Levels Four and Five."  Read more...

Alison of Gimme Some Oven said ~ "I have to admit, this “levels” system appealed to me for a few reasons"  Read more...

Sophie of BooMama said "there’s no question. I’m a Level 5 girl"  Read more...

"Seattle's Best makes finding and enjoying premium packaged coffee easy with a unique level system that helps you find your taste profile." ~ Said Busy Mom

Lindsay of Suburban Turmoil said ~ "I have been a fan of Seattle's Best Coffee ever since my husband and I took an anniversary trip to Seattle seven years ago and tasted it there for the first time."


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