The Second Day of the Rest of My Life

The Second Day of the Rest of my Life

How do you fit a lifetime into a few short days.  Will he be with us for a few weeks, months, days, hours, at this point nobody knows.

Twenty five years have passed as I cared for, nurtured, and advocated for my sweet young man who is non-verbal, communicates with gestures and facial expressions and spends the majority of his days in a wheelchair with lovely, young women doting over him and catering to his every whim.  Oh, don't think for a moment that he is suffering in this life.  His ability to wrap 20 women around his finger in the span of 5 minutes is more incredible than what most men will ever dream of.  Yes, my sweet, in charge, happy, sweet spirit is fading from our presence on this earth and entering into the next realm. 

As I witness his body changing alert to sleey, comfortable to in-pain, and rosy pink to dusky gray, my heart throbs and aches at the thought of what lies ahead. 

Precious moments are spent with family at bedside as my youngest son and brother to my 3 daughters vascilates from eyes open and awake to eyes closed and sleeping throughout the day. 

Changes.  Life changes.  Conversations take place about walking into the hallway being the same as walking from here to heaven.  Close your eyes and open them and you will be in heaven.  Every minute used to prepare him for what is to come and how to enter this phase of his life.  Walking my son home.  What a joy for a mother to love and live and walk him home to his eternal bliss and resting place.  Walking him home.  The next few days the steps become closer to the next part of his existence and another day in the rest of my life.  Yes. We are living in belief.


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