Second Life - Part Two

Second Life – Part Two

Up until recently, I haven’t been able to talk about anything that happened to me during the years I was active on Second Life: 2008 through 2012. The difference is, today, I have nothing left to take or ruin. Except my life. And to be honest, I’ve always been kind of on the fence about that…  Also, much of the harassment occurred online, via email or Facebook, with anything that happened in life being attributed to “happenstance,” “bad luck,” or “poor choices.”  Keep in mind, that I have stories about all of the following, occurring from 2009 to 2011, so be patient. It’ll take time to describe the period of two years wherein ALL of these things occurred:

  1. Having my car vandalized, my tires punctured, the air repeatedly let out of my tires, my gas tank siphoned and having police pull me over for seemingly petty things, eventually resulting in the loss of my car altogether.
  2. Having my bank account hacked, my debit card rendered unusable or getting my wallet stolen (several times within months at one point).
  3. Being (implicitly) accused of being a hacker, spreading HIV, being a terrorist, being a spy, all based on conversations with strangers and even so-called “friends.”
  4. Social marking (having people treat you like crap because you are a ‘known’ deviant.)
  5. Calling the authorities only to be told that I sound crazy, or that no one will listen because it doesn’t involve “money” or proven damage to property.
  6. Being drugged, and quizzed for information about my Professor. Being food poisoned.
  7. Job loss, and the inability to get a job via online means.
  8. My clothes and personal belongings damaged – ie., magically stained beyond repair, or shrunk, or slashed with scissors or some kind of knife.
  9. Being called “crazy” or having my friends and family accuse me of using drugs and/or alcohol when I tried to explain about my computer problems.
  10. Having my car and my apartment broken into. (I caught one incident on a DIY security webcam, using Skype.)
  11. Loss of evidence to any hacking, or wrong doing.
  12. Being implicitly “forced” to tell my story.
  13. And the worst of all, having people pretend to be my friend, or lover, or ally – for their own agenda.

Of course I trust no one.  Of course I pass out regularly from anger so acute I can’t breathe. I took up yoga in 2011, simply to gain control over my anger, so I could begin the process of investigating…

Maybe all of this was my fault. Maybe it is a run of bad luck. And maybe a lot of it was a result of my (hacker) husband’s anger, retaliation for me leaving him. Maybe it was a sick way to recruit someone from Grad School or Second Life.  Maybe the Mafia was behind it. Maybe it was all of the above.  However, with everyone talking and acting over my head…  With my limited knowledge of computing, and crime or law enforcement in general, I feel like I received the brunt of the conditioning, the lessons…without cause, without warning, or any agreement beforehand.  Without request or query or explanation.

Even Sydney Bristow (Alias) was approached with some kind of tangible offer before beginning her double life.  Me?  I was absorbed into some kind of alternate reality. A real life game, with real life consequences, that I was forced to play.

I mean, who wouldn’t go crazy if they were consistently subjected to ramifications without access to the rule book? 

If there was intention to it, it was certainly at the hand of some kind of sado-masochistic psychopath.

The potential cruelty of its design is what frightens me the most, regardless of good guy or bad guy Origins.

The lines are only drawn by specific actions at this point.

Meaning: It doesn’t matter what side you’re on, if one day you are treating me like dog meat, you will be called out.

I don’t care if you are the fucking King of Siam.



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