Second rinse

Just as quickly I felt my body become wetter releasing a flood of fluids, freeing my body of the shivers and leaving me limp only to regain its composure to shiver four more times before he released my hair and lay me back upon the washer with him on top.

He gave out a heavy moan. I felt his member, strong and vibrant, slip out of me.

“Gain you strength my love.” He said placing his hands on the center of my back and pushing himself up. “I’m not done with you yet.”

I tried, believe me, I tried to regain myself. I couldn’t seem to catch my breath, my limbs were too weak to move and the wetness between my legs began to stick to me.  I was his rag doll and he was the puppet master. He jumped down from the machine and took the step stool from the other side of the room. He placed it by the washer, next to my head. Stepping upon it he took hold of his member in one hand and the back of my head with the other. I look at his smiling face as I opened my moist waiting mouth letting him place it inside. Just as I felt him between my legs, I felt every vein and curve with my tongue. To add to his pleasure he moved my head forward and back as he gave his member several quick shakes. Each time he tried to remove himself I sucked him back in, it had come to the point where I took hold of his member and let  three of my fingers rub his two dangling buddies.

“NO! STOP!” he said now with both hand on the walls. I had no intention of doing so until his hand spread my legs apart and his fingers, at least three penetrated through. 

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