On Second Thought

WARNING: This post was written under the influence of pregnancy hormones. Therefore it may not seem sensible. Pregnant women are not always sensible.


Today was a big day for me. I FINALLY finished "Operation Closet Overhaul" as I called it. I have spent three days - THREE - on constructing our new wardrobe set thingy, cleaning out our dressers, and gutting our closet. It needed to be done and although it really was exhausting at 7 months pregnant, I am so happy it is done.


I was feeling really good about finishing this project and it was still pretty early in the day so I decided to get started on the boys room. Things were going really well. I got all of Brodey's toys out of the room and even cleaned out the closet to prepare it for painting on Monday. During this process I decided it was time for Brodey to take a nap Brodey fell asleep. I actually thought of taking some before pictures of his room so that I could blog about the transformation later and as I stood in his room taking pictures, it happened. My pregnancy hormones EXPLODED and out of nowhere I started balling. 


"What in the world are you crying about?" I asked myself; which resulted in the following thought train: This is BRODEY'S room. I spent hours creating the perfect room for him and now I'm gonna just completely strip it all out and start over? How will he feel about this? I mean he going to have enough change coming with a baby in the house. How am I going to juggle showing my love for him and a new baby. I've gotta go and change his room too?  I know the wall paper is ripped, but his new bed will cover that up. Maybe I could just repaint the wall above the chair rail and keep the wall paper on the bottom so that there is still some familiarity with the room. For Brodey.


But am I really concerned about how he is going to feel if the color of his wall changes? He's four. He is excited about his new bed that he'll be getting when we put the crib in there. He hasn't acted like he cares for one second. And did you catch that sentence about juggling my love? What's that about? [sigh]


After a good cry always feels good to that once in awhile, here is where I am at: I am due at the end of August and if I want this bedroom to be done according my original plan, then I am going to have to wait at least another 3 weeks before I can actually get the wooden wall up. I can prep it and paint it, but that wall the one I want really really really bad is not going to be built for at least THREE WEEKS! Not by my choice. I can't get the crib, Brodey's new bed, accessories, and the baby stuff set up until that wall gets put up. That puts me at 8 mo preggo. I just don't know if I can deal with that. What if the baby comes early or I get put on bedrest for the last 8 weeks like did with Brodey? Then what? 


My other choice is to forget "The Wall" [gringe], keep the wallpaper, paint above the chair rail, and accent the room with some other woodsy ideas that I have stowed away somewhere in my brain. If I choose option number two I can have the room done in two weeks, or less. When Gabe gets home from his Guard training it will be all done and I can spent the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy not stressing about the nursery being incomplete.


Tough choice. I REALLY want that wall in the room, but I REALLY want the room done. Trust me, if I could run a saw I would not be stressing about this. I wouldn't hesitate to put the wall up myself, but even yours truly can't pull this one off. My brain hurts from thinking about the whole thing. 


What would you do? Am I being irrational? Here are some pics of what the room currently looks like:



 Any thoughts and advice are appreciated...especially from any moms that have gone from one to two.



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