The Secret of Parenting: It's All About Connection

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[Editor's Note: I was hoping that Dr. Laura Markham's post at Aha! Parenting would give me an easy button for the secret of parenting. Turns out there's no easy button. The secret is all about connection, which involves some work by us parents. I know everything she writes in her important post is true, but man, who else is wishing for an easy button today? -Jenna]

The Secret of Parenting:

Secret 3The most important secret of effective parenting is a close connection to our kids. Before you say "Duh, of course..." please hear me out. Nothing else you do really matters without this. In fact, I would go so far as to say that Connection is 90% of parenting. This includes:

1. Intimacy, that indefinable closeness that makes your heart melt. Every interaction we have with another person either brings us closer or moves us further away. That open heart of intimacy is how we repair our inevitable missteps in the dance of connection. When in doubt, try curing it with cuddling.

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