'Secret' Romney Tapes Expose Obama's Pre-Debate Weaknesses

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But that level of orgiastic display of self-aggrandizement's different. Because, well... obviously.

And let's not forget about the media's attacks on class differences over Romney's remarks on the "secret" video, continually branding them as out of touch with Americans of all income brackets.

When Romney released his tax returns yesterday, showing that he pays 14 percent in taxes and donates a praiseworthy 30 percent of his income to charity, even the New York Times had to give it a rest, but not before noting that his "$13.7 million in income puts him in the top 0.01 percent of earners, by the way."

And yet Gallup shows Romney with as much support among the lowest-income voters as Obama has with the highest-income voters.

But disparaging the Romney's prosperous image is fair game. The LA Times joined in the class warfare, noting that in some cases the "government-hugging freeloaders" are his "fellow millionaires."

"Romney may want to keep that in mind when he speaks of these people. They ain't heavy. They're his brothers."

Conversely, liberals applauded the president's $4 million, $40,000-a-plate fundraiser hosted by Beyonce and Jay-Z last week. Even ABCNews joined in the adoration, reporting that Beyonce sent an email to Obama supporters saying "she's a huge fan and will do whatever it takes to help him win in a close race."

The Huffington Post gushed that Obama raised a record $84.7 million in August, saying he "Crushes Mitt Romney in Advertising Spending."

But the Koch Brothers are made out as evil for hosting three fundraisers and raised $3 million total. Those fundraisers were hounded by 200 protesters, many of whom singled out the ticket price as objectionable:

Some of the 200 protesters marched down mile-long Coopers Beach toward the home in a cloud of sand, bearing banners and signs: “Your $50,000 ticket equals my child’s education,” “End corporate personhood” and “Don’t forget to tip the help.”

I'm not surprised that Occupy wasn't there to protest the Beyonce fundraiser tickets, but where was the media to make the connection? No wonder distrust of the media has hit a new high, according to Gallup.

Romney's not facing an easy challenge in defeating a president with a friendly press corps.

But he can be formidable, particularly if he recognizes the opportunities revealed in the last week of polling to unpack some of Obama's greatest failings -- foreign policy and America's position as a superpower -- along with the ongoing domestic concerns of the economy.

Americans get to compare these two very different candidates on the national stage with the first debate on October 3 focused on domestic policy with Jim Lehrer of PBS NewsHour.

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