Secrets to Diet Success

Secrets to Diet Success

You might be interested of what really happened

          It was about a month and a half and it is this kind of diet plan I was into. I started to give myself a try to more of vegetables and fruits and putting a leash to my urge for delicious, unhealthy choices of food. It was the right time to really lose weight since I was to attend the wedding of my friend after two months. I would check every now and then how I was going and checked my weight from time to time. During those weeks of struggle, I began to notice that my weight was not dropping.

         I told my friends that I certainly focused to my diet plan and I prepared well to those weeks when I have to change my lifestyle. I should have seen a difference in my weight as far as sticking to the plan is concerned. But why did I fail? Why was my weight the same as when I started? What was wrong with my diet plan? Is it ineffective or was it something I did?

         I continued on to my program without the foods I love and eating more of the foods I never wanted to eat. Thereafter, my friend suggested that I go on a cardiovascular exercise. This was the time when I really at the peak of my struggle. I was nearly going to quit. My self-esteem was on its all time low. My weight was still stagnant. I went ahead and attended the weeding of my friend. My weight was just the same as I was planning to lose two months before this wedding day.

        I realized I was standing near a table where all the delicious foods were laid. I was confident I will not participate in the food binging part of the occasion. But my friend insisted that I should go and sit with him and should have a plate of the foods they have prepared.

        I decided for a long time to eat the usual foods I eat. I got spaghetti on my plate, added a piece of meat, a steak, and salads. I really enjoyed that very moment. It was an awesome feeling to enjoy what you do. I did not even think of the consequences it would bring.

         The next day, it was same feeling of guilt like how other people would feel when they fail. I was pitiful and ashamed of myself since I did not accomplish the goal I originally was trying to achieve. This frustration is somewhat familiar to anyone who was trying to do the same I did and failed.

          This is a very common scenario of repetitive actions of dieters. I know that some people had experienced this kind of situation I went through. Who would be disappointed of not being able to achieve the desired results when you thought you have done everything there is to do?

These results, of course have some effects on your confidence and your mentality. If you are a person who has these experiences, remember that you are not alone. After at least a week of depression, I was ready to get back on track. I tried the diet plan once again thinking that it may have a different result this time. My friend who came over from another town wanted me to join him to have fun.

         He brought me some chicken that looked so delicious. So, I started to taste every bit of it and found out that I was actually eating everything my friend had brought me. And I was not able to stop myself.

          I know that you would understand the feeling of disappointment as I went through with this event. This however did not stop me of continuing my diet. I got back to my abstinence from those delicious foods and continued my cardiovascular exercise. This time, I was not expecting better results anymore since I broke my program and I was ready to face another fact that my weight, if not the same, would go up.

          When the time came for me to weigh my body once again, I was not really looking at the scale since I already had some expectations with the result. At first, I did not look closely but when I noticed a different number, I put my eyes straight to the weighing scale.

          Then I saw that it was really a different number showing. I knew that I made some deviations with my original diet scheme and I knew that it was not really so enough. At my surprise, I managed to lose weight. I lost at least 6 pounds. I looked again and it seemed correct. I stood there asking myself what had just happened. I even checked the size of my waistline to confirm my result. It actually validated the result.

           There should be an explanation to this scenario. What was going on? I knew there was something that was quite not right and I had to find out. I think you are for the revelation. What happened to me was actually out of my control. When this situation happened to you before, it was not your fault.

          Some people explained that when you started regulating the food that enters your body or when you start limiting yourself of calories, the body responds to fight back the possible weight loss. It means that your mind programs your body to counter the starvation. A person who is in the middle of a crisis and has nothing to eat for a day or two does not die. The body tends to fight starvation by allowing the enzymes to be in regulation so that a person will not die. The fat burning enzymes slows down in production that is why you do not really lose weight when you starve yourself. 

          This is really one of the secrets of successful dieting. You will see and understand more of this concept when we go further.

          The secret is to convince yourself that you are actually not on a diet so your body will not activate the emergency mode to decrease burning fat enzymes. When you achieve this type of diet plan, you will eventually get the results. You can actually eat the foods you have deprived yourselves with and still lose weight. You need to do the trick and practice this always to get better results. As you practice, you can control your weight from time to time without even putting pressure to yourself.

           Read further as you are about to get the details of these secrets we are revealing little by little. Strategies will be presented so you can easily follow. The last thing we do is give suggestions that do not actually work at all. Below are the simple strategies on how to live on the secrets that are revealed.

           One must understand the idea that our body triggers the regulation of fat burning enzymes a week after you made a restriction of your calorie intake. It is important that you know our bodies work so we can incorporate our steps better. It would mean that you need to plan on when to overfeed yourself and when you can cheat on diet.

            These two should go together and you can also use your favorite rich foods to make this plan effective. When you start doing this strategic plan, it would change your whole life dramatically. You can assure yourself that your efforts will really pay off in the end.

            When you start this unique plan, you can now forget the following situations you have experienced before:

  • You do not have to be really anxious now since you know when and how to control your cravings and appetite
  • You will also experience a more positive motivation and less pressure as you free to eat the foods you love while you lose your weight. You can be excited to see the results as it is effective and still can enjoy dieting without feeling discouraged.

          The strategy we have presented and the secrets to losing weight are specially formulated so the person can solve issues with weight and health as well as looking good. It is time for you to have a more optimistic way of managing your weight so be assured that you will eventually have the results as soon as you have grasped its unique strategy.  

           You were maybe just a bystander who observes beautiful people pass by but when you start this unique plan, you can now be one of them. You can walk the streets with confidence and you attract bystanders. Some people already have started these secrets to successful dieting.

          This strategy has real success stories of good results compared to other diet plans that promises beautiful but you end up gaining more weight and do the diet all of again. You have to say goodbye to the old fashioned way of losing weight if you want to have better results and enjoy life at the same time. The results for other diet programs are even unfortunate. Some had bad muscle tone, loose skin, they looked unhealthy and even decreased self-esteem is evident. Some diet plans do not really work at all. They are just fads. 


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