Sedating Menopause, That Wailing Banshee, With a Meatball Sandwich!

Happiness knows no bounds when I am in the kitchen, brainstorming a seductive meal to calm Menopause, that Banshee, my alter ego—that ever wailer of distress. And though yummies is the best sedative EVER, those few moments of tasty pleasure—a supercharged endorphin-like release—soon becomes obvious on the thighs and rear and tummy. If only they made full-body suspenders that helped against nature’s pulling gravity, and a magic wand that lifts and tucks. Sigh!

But at least life, as it is, still offers us dreamscape; of a place that knows of no calories; a heavenly place where fat and skinny, alike, may lie down together in perfect equality, and in peace and harmony.

Oh, and if only life were that easy…!

For now I content myself with eating, and eating to my heart’s desire, without shame or regrets. And what could be more enticing and delicious than a “Meatball Sandwich, aka Hoagie, Grinder, Hero, Submarine…” And who gives a flying egg splat-on-the-wall for counting calories. I certainly don’t.

Follow link for the recipe:

So here again I share with BlogHer yet another recipe, a heart’s creation of mine. An unbelievably tender meatball yet holds together with integrity. Build your sandwich with these tasty, little morsels, slathered in marinara sauce, covered in melting provolone and/or Swiss cheese, with added sautéed onions, garlic, bell peppers and mushrooms, on a toasted bun. This out-of-bounds meat indulgence rates a high 10 on the “great tasting sandwich” meter. But make sure to have plenty of napkins to wipe the drooling mess running down your chin and onto the elbows!


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