Seeds, Cucumbers, and Finding an Order to Life

The second phase of gardening arrived. Shrills of excitement erupted from my son when I mentioned we were going to plant cucumbers. We stood before the garden bed. I grabbed the small gardening tools, and we put on our gloves. Then, he ran away.

"Uumubers!" he repeated in glee as sprinted from the garden and head for the house. I found him standing at the refrigerator with the door wide open. "Uumbers," he said. He opened the vegetable drawer and grabbed a cucumber. For my son, the answer to the question is simple: the cucumber not only comes first, it is also the only thing that exists. He grabbed the cucumber and shut the door.

Seeds meant nothing to him. Stuffing them into the ground was perhaps as meaningful as throwing a scrap of paper into the garbage. He set the cucumber on the dirt. I placed the seeds next to it. The lesson began. He held out his little hand and managed to get a couple of seeds into each hole. We patted the dirt down.

"Finish!" he announced and threw off his gloves and ran back to the house. I left the cucumber on the dirt. What did he learn? I have no idea. At the end of the summer when the harvest comes in, he might make a connection. We'll check on the seedlings and growing vine through the next months.

I wonder if he'll run outside when its cold and look for the cucumber in the garden instead of the refrigerator?

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