Seeing Beautiful

Seeing Beautiful

Last night I went to my monthly book-club meeting. We are a group of 10 extremely outspoken women who love to laugh, exchange fashion and beauty tips and warn eachother of the alleged pitfalls of aging. We joke about everything. No topic is taboo. Why do I tell you this? Becuase I never see more beautiful women than I do on Bookclub night. 

They say Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder and I buy it hook, line and sinker.  I feel so loved and do so much loving on these evenings that I see nothing but beauty.  I see right inside to the heart of the person sitting next to me or accross from me. And let's face it, most everyone is truly beautiful inside. Scrape away the insecurties and brush off the defensive wounds and you are left with plain, raw, beauty. 

And, by the way, when we get talking about the book, it can get a pretty heated. But in such a nice way.


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