"Seek Only Internal Wealth"

If I could tattoo one phrase on my body, it would be "Seek only internal wealth."  A constant reminder every day that although our physical senses dominate, the more important and satisfying fulfillment in life will only come from inside out. (Not in reverse).  

We live in a world that seeks to fulfill themselves from the outside in .... With food, with sex, with drugs, alcohol, with image, with prestige, with promotion, power, fame, with the desire for more "things" to make us feel successful, complete, important. Many of us live with an invisible shackle on our ankle that says, "When I get to ____, I will be happy." "When I am thinner I will be able to live more freely."  When I am famous, I will be complete." "When I make $X.00, I will have made it and THEN I can relax and live life."

Today I challenge you to throw away these self fulfilling prophecies for a day.   JUST FOR TODAY, can you live as if today was your last day on earth?  No need  to go sky diving, but simply EMBRACE the small things.  Take notice of all that this world has to offer for free. The warm sun, the sunrise, a walk with your dog, cool, crisp air on your skin, your favorite sweater or sandals, a healthy body, sound mind, a child-like spirit buried inside that embraces joy, laughter,  love, and simplicity. 

Internal wealth to me is caring for myself from the inside out. What brings you joy?  Is it your latte at 7am?  Reading an uplifting blog or article?  Hearing your loved ones voice? Eating healthy?  What makes you feel WARMTH,  LOVE, and LIGHT?  If you follow these simple and subtle cues, you will surely be headed on your way towards a more simple and fulfilling existence in your work, your relationships, and life. 

You see my friend, you have already made it, simply by being chosen to live on Earth. You are who you are and you don't need to change anything externally to feel good inside.  You simply need a shift in perspective  ... There is no magic pill, no name brand, no accomplishment that will fulfill unless it comes from that quiet and often overlooked whisper that comes from within.  

So let's start today with a different drive.  For today, seek only internal wealth, and lets see how that changes your direction.  








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