The Seeker

Hey Readers! It's time for another Story time Sunday! I have yet to recover my book from my old computer, but I'm working on it and should have it sooner than I expected. Not next week or anything, but it won't take 6 months as I originally intended. For now, for your reading pleasure, I have another poem for everyone. Enjoy!


The Seeker

Be it not our burden thus,
and let's our path retrace.
'Tis a gift not often given,
nor should it be taken lightly.

To weild this blade is a rare honor,
the task with it granted passage - 
though safe it may not be;
a journey foretold you cannot imagine.

Through forests of plenty,
and plains that never end,
a secret lies before you,
which you may not comprehend.

Away with you, for time is short,
this secret you must relay.
Pray, tell me all which you may hear,
our future hangs in the balance;
it is why you mustn't delay.


It's not much and it may not be my best writing in the world, but hey, it's a pretty darn decent poem :) I know that not everyone is a poetry fan so no worries here. I'm working on another book right now while I want to get the rest of my biography and I will start posting samples of that as soon as I have more written. Until next time, Readers!!!

-R.R. Hayden

"The night is long that never finds the day." - Shakespeare

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