Seeking Contributing Stories and Opinions for Father's Day

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As many of you know, I write for AdoptionBlogs as the Birth/First Parent blogger. I dedicated a whole series of posts to Mother's Day. It was easy for me to do considering I'm a woman, an everyday Mom and a First Mom to a beautiful Munchkin. However, Father's Day is looming just around the corner. Its true that birth mothers are negatively stereotyped and stigmatized in our nation. Sadly, birth fathers often have a worse reputation for reasons that are often out of their control.


I will be dedicating a week-and-a-half series of posts to birth fathers on the birth parent blog this year. I started today with a preview of what I will be writing. In that preview was a plea that I need you, if you are touched by adoption, to read.

A brief synopsis:

1. Are you a birth father? How do you celebrate (or avoid) Father's Day with regard to your relinquished child?

2. Are you an adoptive parent? How do you honor your child's biological father on Father's Day? (This question is obviously for those involved in fully open adoptions.)

3. Are you a birth mother? Do you send your child's biological father well-wishes on Father's Day? Why or why not?

4. And most importantly, are you an adult adoptee? Do you honor both your biological father and adoptive father on the day? What have been your experiences in doing so (or not)?


Please feel free to comment on the post or to e-mail jennah at adoptionblogs dot com if you would rather have a more private conversation. A small note (though it's sad that I have to make it): we all have differing experiences. The truth remains that some biological parents are not awesome (just like adoptive). Please do not making sweeping generalizations. Own your story and, thus, your words.



Jenna not only writes for the Birth Parent Blog. She chronicles her own adoption story at The Chronicles of Munchkin Land and maintains a family blog as well.


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