Selecting A TV Shop In Bolton

When it comes to shopping for a television, you might be surprised to know that there are a fantastic range of electrical and TV shops in Bolton. Along with every city and town Bolton has the usual Currys and Comet TV shops, but what makes the town unique is the amount of good quality independent shops they have like Sound and Vision in Farnworth. In my opinion you receive a far better service when you visit independent electrical shops in Bolton then you do in the multinationals because the sales teams are more knowledgeable and professional and know exactly what they are talking about.

An example of a very good electrical shop in Bolton would be Sound and Vision, which is located of the M61 at junction 3 in Farnworth.

The Sound and Vision electrical shop is on Higher Market Street in Farnworth, and on the outside it is illusory and it is not until you enter that you realise the amount of brands like Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba and JVC that are available. As with all good electrical shops Sound and Vision you wont just find the latest LCD TVs and plasma televisions on display, there are also the latest Blu-ray players, DVD recorders, AV home Cinema and Speaker systems as well as accessories like furniture brackets and cables.

Independent electrical shops like Sound and Vision tend offer a more personal service, offering un-biased advice and opinions. The sales staff at Sound and Vision are full time AV and Hifi enthusiast, with a keen genuine interest in everything from LCD and plasma TVs, to Blu-ray Players and DVD recorders, to cables and AV receivers.

The sales staff at electrical shops like Sound and Vision are not sales driven or pushy, they have adopted a welcoming and relaxed sales environment where customers feel free to browse the products at their own leisure without feeling targeted or harassed. After you have browsed thought the huge range of televisions and AV equipment, a member of the Sound and Vision sales team are there to help, making sure you are getting the most for your money. Many customers are under the impression that the bigger the company the lower the price, but this is not the case at Sound and Vision who usually have lower prices than the likes of Currys or Comet.

Buying a new television or piece of AV equipment can be expensive, so why not get more for your money and make sure you are spending it wisely by seeking advice from the professionals, Sound and Vision enjoy customer contact and like to pass their knowledge on where need be.

The independent electrical retailers like Sound and Vision also have a bigger catalogue of products from more manufactures, including specialist brands like Denon, Onkyo, KEF, Bose, Q Acoustics Yamaha etc. The Sound and Vision electrical shop in Bolton also has a dedicated KEF room, showcasing the latest speakers from AV home cinema packages, bookshelf and floor standing Hifi speakers to their custom install speaker range.

Sound and Vision also have an excellent very easy to use website On the website you can shop 24 hours a day and browse through pages and pages of electrical products from over 130 manufactures including Yamaha, Sony, Sennheiser, Pure Digital and Q Acoustics. Their website also has video product reviews on many products to help you chose a product in your home. If you get stuck and need help you can speak to your sales team via a live chat facility or call them the sales line.

If you are in the market to buy a new television i would recommend you have a trip to Bolton and experience the high quality service you get from the independent electrical shops in and around the centre. If you are making a large purchase then you really need to speak to the experts I would only recommend Sound and Vision as the place that deliverers the best advice and often the lowest prices.

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