Self-Care in Real-Time

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How do you manage self-care in real-time when illness strikes? If you're self-employed you have the added challenge of managing the business while you are ill or navigating a chronic illness. No matter how you slice it it is challenging. And, yet, the body has the final say. Read this excellent article of managing ongoing illness and a business.

I’m sure I’m not alone in this, but when I was a girl, I had a brilliant notion: what if I could have all of the sicknesses of my lifetime at once, rather than having them parceled out here and there, when they were least expected and seldom welcome?

Or—because I quickly figured out my genius solution would probably kill you (after a few mind-blowing days of unspeakable agony)—what if we could at least choose when we’d have them, rescheduling broken bones and burst appendixes from rare or inconvenient times (holidays, big presentations, nice weather in Chicago) to dull stretches where nothing is going on, anyway?

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