Self Confidence: Do You Have It?

Self-confidence is defined in the merriam-webster dictionary as confidence in oneself and in one's powers and abilities. In this age of selfies and the eagerness to show others via social media how fabulous our lives are, it's easy to brag and fake an appearance of contentment even when we're not. We can easily seem confident by how we speak, dress, and interact with others. However, how we treat ourselves, the relationships we choose to engage in and the activities we choose to be a part of may say otherwise.

It took me quite a few years to accept that my self-confidence was lacking. I constantly questioned my self, my abilities and my rights. I didn't believe it was okay for me to feel hurt, be vulnerable, or express myself. I regarded others feelings and happiness before my own. I kept my emotions bottled up inside because I thought no one would care to hear my thoughts or concerns.

The more I did these things, the more miserable I felt. Then as I experienced life and different circumstance, I asked myself why would I not matter? I'm just as important as the next person. I started to believe that I was put on this earth for a purpose and not just by chance. It was up to me to make sure I was happy, safe, healthy, and living the best life possible. No one held the key to my happiness. No one would step in to boost my confidence. It was and is all up to me. No matter if others treated me unfairly or were not the kindest, it was still my duty to be kind to myself.

Having self-confidence means walking away from people or circumstances that do not serves us spiritually, mentally, emotionally or physically. It means being brave enough to go after our dreams, being hungry enough to hustle, being strong enough to stand up after being knocked down many times. It means bending but not breaking. Treating ourselves with respect. Being kind to ourselves and not taking any unnecessary crap.

What does self-confidence mean to you? What are some ways you take care of yourself? Please share in the comment section.

Keep it cute and classy! Salaam and Peace!

 Farida T. Dawkins

U.S. Air Force Reservist and Blogger


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