In the past couple of weeks, I've been discussing our Westie's adoption. In case you are just joining, check out my first blog post titled "Surprised by a Westie". Or my second part of the series titled "Days Leading Up to His Adoption"


Sunday Afternoon

No indication at all that the kids' prayers were about to be answered. It was an ordinary Sunday afternoon over Memorial Day Weekend. We had just gotten back from church so we were preparing lunch. I had just loaded the wash as the kids were yelling there's a dog in the back woods. I was walking out through our garage that overlooks our partly wooded back yard. No sooner had the kids opened up our back gate.... a white, fluffy and energetic dog appeared at my feet. He was ready to go inside from the basement garage door. This was his home in his mind and there was no second guessing it. The white Westie was ready to be let inside like he has always lived with us. I had to pause for a moment to say, "Do we have a dog?" " Wait a minute...we don't have a dog."

No Stork Needed

My mind raced. Oh my!... what have I agreed to in prayer? He has arrived. No stork needed because he delivered himself. As my first post explained, we called the neighbors and he wasn't theirs. Over the course of the next few months we exhausted every option that maybe he had another family. As he delivered himself, words can not express what a sense of joy that eluded from his excited, enthusiastic, and self-assured face. His wooly face spoke to us, "I found them." " I want them." He displayed complete confidence that he had arrived. No questioning that maybe he appeared at the wrong address. I marveled at his character while I thought surely he has a home already. While I think he was probably thinking, "Didn't you get the text? I told you I was coming."

Sanguine Flair

He wore the sanguine style with such ease and flair. As he bounced to us then hopped on his two hind legs, I thought such confidence. Where has he been lately? Had he been to the library where he must have read David McCullough's 1776? I felt he had to have seen George Washington's quote from the book, "Perseverance and spirit have done wonders in all ages." If not the library, then maybe he had been to a Joyce Meyer's convention, Tony Robbins convention, or a Dr. Phil Show. He definitely knew who he was as a dog and he knew he wasn't any dog. He was our dog. Our Westie never once doubted that we wouldn't keep him. He found us and he was staying. He was home. We recently took him to New York City to celebrate his birthday on Times Square. We had reached the one year mark of his arrival last Memorial Day Weekend. His one year anniversary so to speak. As we say his birthday celebration because we don't really know when he was born. I'm sure he calls it his adoption day of us. As we strolled down 39th Street, we were stopped by a shop worker in the Garment District. He said he used to have a Westie. We told our story about how our Westie adopted us after the kids prayed three years for a dog. He continued on to say that he went to select his Westie and ended up with the runt of the litter. As he was deciding which one to choose, he sat down. The runt of the litter was a little girl puppy that came right up to him. He said, "she became my dog because she picked me." " You know the dog picks you."



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