Self Love Truths!

 Check whether a grain of truth or the whole truth about your relationship with YOU…



___  Pride in who you are and what you are about.

___  Believe self-pride is boasting and certainly not attractive, especially in women.

___  Embrace life’s constant states of change as a way to grow.

___  Grudgingly view challenges as life’s endless “one thing after another” mentality.

___   Appreciate all your tendencies – these are what makes you YOU.

___  See invisible flaws and constantly think of ways to perfect them.

___  Believe in own strength to handle anything that comes your way.

___  Live in fear of life’s storms wondering if you can handle the storms of life.

___  Realize loving self activates love for others.

___  Think high levels of self-love is arrogant and an unhealthy fixation on self.

___   Enjoy loving, growing and being about YOU.

___  Envying others who seem to have what you (seemingly) do not.


___  Believe all you do betters your best.


___  Embrace connections with unseen powers!  


___  Believe you are always working to fix something wrong.


___  Hard to believe in what you cannot see.


Side Bar - this Self Love Truths TR Snippets is a simple practice in loving all your tendencies.  Be proud and confident in who you are and what you are all about knowing that active and purposeful love of self is the activator for all love. 



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