Self-Proclaimed Caffeine Addict

As a self proclaimed caffine addict (all my friends and co-workers know I always have coffee in one hand, and an energy drink in the other) who lives, breathes and acts socially, you would think that I would be all for Starbuck’s mobile payment option (I know a few bars have already implemented this), but I’m not so into it. Well, for now anyways.

A few days ago, Starbucks announced that nearly 6,800 company-operated Starbucks stores in the U.S. will begin accepting mobile payments.

Customers using the Starbucks Card Mobile app on their iPhone, iPod touch or BlackBerry will now be able to use those devices. In theory, this would be perfect for me. And, with my caffeine addiction, ordering my java chip frap and paying via mobile would be the best way to go.

But… I’m not so into the idea. How safe is this? As mentioned, earlier, I’m all for leveraging mobile and social, and implementing it in your life and work strategy (I’m a mall manager and mother so i need all the strategy i can get), but for paying for purchases, I’m not so sure about. Maybe it’s because it deals with my money and I’ve already had a negative experience with my account being hacked into.

However time will tell. Perhaps, more testing will be conducted and mobile payments are guaranteed to be just as secured as any other form of payment. Or, as my work load and urge for caffeine increases, I may turn to using mobile payments to save time . Until then, I’ll most likely monitor news around this.


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