Senator from South Carolina locks his car doors when he sees District of Columbia school kids


Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) keeps his doors locked while driving near D.C. public schools.

Source: Getty Images

Man, what a wimp.

A bunch of school kids playing in their neighborhood and what does South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint do?

Lock his damn car doors!

Everyone is up in arms about what DeMint said, and they should be.  I heard about this on Twitter from DCDIVA28.  Despite what DeMint says, D.C. kids graduate at a higher rate than kids in his own state!  MWAAHAAA!

However, by reacting to the INSULT,  they are missing the larger story:

DeMint wants to continue school vouchers.  I’m fine with that.

DeMint’s district has public schools that are 99% black.  The local private school? 90% white and only admitted its first black student 4 years ago.

So, in effect, what’s he asking for?

More private school funding, to keep white kids out of the public school system,

ergo, away from blacks???

Rather than disrespecting the children of D.C., wouldn’t he be
better served showing up at public schools in his own district, reading
to kids, doing after school tutoring, sitting in the lunch room and
listening to the kids about how he could help their schools?  And they
are just KIDS.  If you can’t interact with a kid, then you should get a
different job.  Kids need love and food and safety and direction and
stability.  Provide that for them and they won’t join gangs.  In South
Carolina or D. C.

The white kids at the private school?  Probably using higher
quality, more expensive drugs than the public school poor kids.  But
look at the stats: the white kids won’t go to jail at as high a rate as
the black kids.  Don’t get me started…..

Everyone wants to get their kids OUT of public schools, and they do
so by DEMONIZING CHILDREN (DC kids are gangsters? Bullsh*t) and asking
for tax vouchers.

Why not just fix the public schools?

And, especially in DeMint’s district, INTEGRATE them?

No more money should go to vouchers until his public schools are
integrated and high caliber.  If he wants the vouchers so badly, to
pander to his base, then he needs to fix education for the poorest in
his state.  He represents them too.


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