I hate photos that have  been professionally taken.  I especially hate the ones with the jacket slung over the shoulder.  I dislike the one of the man in his favorite easy chair that is a bit raggy. 

 I will never understand photos in which I can’t see the gentleman’s face.  Many of them are distance shots or extremely dark or overexposed.  I can only imagine the thought that goes into this submission.  Take it for what it is worth.   Photos could be very dated, a totally different person, childhood photos, full of  distractions such as many kids and animals.  The strangest is when they put up their photography collection. Who cares! I cannot stand  photos that are self -taken on a cell phone.  I wonder if they have any friends to help them with the photos. 

There are some very subtle things to look for in photos.

If there are only head shots, they are most likely overweight.  If they have a hat on in every photo, they are not very secure about their bald head.  I absolutely do not mind bald guys.  In many ways I find them more attractive.  I do not like comb overs and  toupees or weird hairstyles to hide their deficits..  To me, this is a sign of insecurity.  Being secure for a man is the number one turn on.  If they are showing off their designer car, they are probably not terribly secure just being themselves. Keep in mind that is a bit of an indicator of their social status but sometimes a distraction from reality.  I have dated guys with great cars who lived in a dump or very parsonmoniously.  I do not date men  in front of pick-up trucks as I am more of a city girl.

 When a man has no shirt on, they are probably overly sexual and think that is conveying their sexuality. Very few men appear on Match shirtless.  I know there are women who would be attracted to these photos but it is  a bit off center for me.

 The best photo I have encountered was the man sitting under a wooden shelf on the wall.  On the shelf was about one hundred pill bottles.  Oh geeze!

There could be  super clues in photos when you examine the environment that the photo was taken in.  The furniture, the wall hangings , the appearance of the apartment or house, the clothing he is wearing.  I beware of men who are standing next to their Harley or their Mercedes sports car, because these are  just not my thing. Don’t take the background for granted, it is very telling.

 If they do not have a photo, forget it.    If the guy sounds fabulous, ask him to send you a photo to your personal email as you cannot receive mailed photographs on Match.

I have had men remark that they do not like photos of woman that constantly post photos of  children.  I won’t go out with men who feel this way.  They are obviously not that fond of children.  At my age the most remarkable feeling that takes over is the absolute adoration of young children.    This goes for men and women.  It has possessed all of my friends. 


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