Senior Health Choices

I was inspired to put this blog because of my father.  Most of us have aging parents who want the best for them, their health plan choices and medical treatment options by their Physicians. We should always think we will get old one day too. Being in the medical field myself for over 20 years, I have learned about senior living, health, how managed care and hospitals work. We should be smart about the choices we will make for ourselves as we age, how we should take care of our bodies, what type of health plan we will choose as we reach retirement age, and also how we should help our aging grandparents and parents for those fortunate to still have them around. I will be updating it from time to time with information that will help you and your parents make intelligent, informed decisions.

Things to consider:

**Social security income- what can you afford?

**What type of insurance coverage can I afford when reaching retiring age?

**What type of health coverage should your loved ones have when they reach the age of Medicare?

**What doctors recommend when you can no longer live alone?  ALFs, ILF, Nursing homes, live with family, etc

**What you should tell your Physician.

**How much medication is enough.

**Information and decisiveness



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