Senior Year

Brittany has started her senior year and she says she “should” graduate on time. There was a point a couple years ago where she said she might do a “victory lap”. That’s what the kids call a 5th year.

Everyone is a spin-doctor nowadays!

She moved into an apartment 2 weeks before school started. Right before the move she called to ask when we were coming to visit. She had been wanting to get us out there to see the resort she was working at all summer.

I said, again, we would, but this time she pinned me down. “When? You’ve got the fundraiser coming up that you’re chairing and then I start school. It needs to be this weekend!”

So it was.

After she knew we were coming, the calls changed. “Do you have any extra silverware?” “How about some extra dishes? Pots and pans?” “The apartment has a full size bed and all my sheets are twins. And do you have any extra comforters?” “You have 2 blenders, could I have one of them?”

Actually I kind of like having a blender both in the kitchen and the wet bar.

The problem is I’m a bit of a minimalist and the minute I decide I have something I’m not using I take it to the Salvation Army. So I don’t have a lot of “extra” stuff.

But, my mom had done the same thing for John and I when we got married. We had gotten a lot of really beautiful, but useless, wedding presents so she loaded us up with all the items Brittany was now looking for. My mom set a pretty high standard to follow. When we were building the house we are in now she would fly out to take care of then two-year-old Brittany while we picked out ceramic tiles and carpet. And as an expert seamstress she did all my window treatments.

Could I not, at the very least, give my child one of my blenders?

So I started looking around the house and began to pack boxes with things I thought Brittany could use. It immediately became fun and I was surprised how much I found.

When I was talking to John about it, he too remembered my mom’s constant help. He said the neatest thing he remembered was the time during our first six months of marriage when she drove from Chicago to Ft. Sill, Oklahoma with a pot roast for us!



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