"Is Your Daughter Sensitive?"

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[Editor's Note: We want our children to grow into compassionate human beings who are sensitive to other peoples' experiences and needs. Right? Capital Mom shared an exchange she had with her daughter's kindergarten teacher that I understand all too well. It's a "bad thing" to be "sensitive" according to some schools of thought. She shares why she wants her daughter to remain the way she is now. -Jenna]


Sensitive childIs she particularly sensitive? the kindergarten teacher asks me over the phone as we discuss the girl’s loud and lengthy crying bout on the first day of school. I freeze for a moment as I walk down the hallway. The question, posed out of concern and a desire to better understand her new student, was asked kindly. But I still hear a sneer.

Sensitive. Can you hear it too?

No, I say calmly, no. She just has trouble adjusting to new situations. That’s all.

The conversation ends but I don’t stop thinking about it. Could she be? Is she? Please no.

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