SEO Expert Chloe Spencer: From BlogHer to Business!

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Chloe Spencer, who will be heading up our SEO session at #BlogHer17 with Stephan Spencer (her dad!),  is an SEO and Online Marketing Specialist who has been running her own companies for eleven years. Her first-ever speaking engagement was at #BlogHer07 in Chicago when she was just sixteen years old! We wanted to catch up with Chloe and find out how that appearance changed the trajectory of her life over the past decade.


Can you tell us about your first BlogHer speaking experience?

My first BlogHer conference, my first conference ever, was in 2007 in Chicago. I had just turned sixteen, and I was speaking on the “Professional Blogging” panel—it was my first ever public speaking engagement and I was thrilled, and VERY nervous!

I remember the room being so packed that people were standing in the back and sitting on the floor, and I was the youngest person there, let alone at the whole conference! I had acquired the nickname “the sixteen-year-old blogger” by the end of the 3 days. During my time at #BlogHer07 I even had the opportunity to be interviewed by Business Week Magazine. It was such an exciting and amazing experience.

I treasure that my first public speaking experience was at BlogHer, surrounded by inspiring and supportive women—it gave me a safe place to come out of my shell and speak about my successes and my passion for what I was doing, no matter how nerdy or dorky it was.

The tech world, especially back then, was predominantly run by middle-aged men; so being a teenage girl in tech, I felt inferior to the majority of the industry and the thought of getting on a stage to speak about my business to a room full of adults was a terrifying thought! But the moment I was in that room with all those wonderful women, giving encouraging nods if my voice was too quiet and clapping and cheering for me when I spoke about my successes, I felt empowered. I was a part of this big blogging family, where I was not only accepted but admired and applauded. That amazing first experience lead me to speak at almost a dozen more conferences within the following few years, as well as multiple TV appearances, video and radio interviews, and many more.


Back then, what did you envision for your future?

At sixteen years old I had the typical plan for my future; go to college and start a career. As the years went by I began to realize that path wasn’t for me, and certainly not the only path to success as most older generations believed and influenced us to believe. Times were changing—you could create a business online from your own home as easy as creating a blog and talking about what you loved, and you could get recognized, even famous, via YouTube, Facebook, etc.

It was the age of tech, and I was a millennial growing up in the midst of it. It was my type of world, and I flourished in it. Entrepreneurship became my number one passion in life.


What happened after that BlogHer conference?

I realized that I was quite literally born to be an entrepreneur—it brought me so much joy, freedom, independence, and the ability to do what I loved, whenever I wanted. There was no way I could work as an employee at a dead-end job.

I developed a fierce passion for entrepreneurship, and never looked back. Today my business continues to grow, and I continue to branch out with new projects. Currently I’m in the process of building a company in the natural/green living and health/wellness sphere, which is very closely aligned with my passions and what matters most to me—I’m really excited for what the future holds!


How did you put your plans into action, and how has that worked out?

When I first started my SEO consulting business in 2011, I was working another job on the side, for a few years actually. When I finally decided to run my business full-time, it took off. When I put all my focus into my business and let go of this idea that it wouldn’t do well enough to fully support me, that’s when the magic happened.

I was suddenly working with my first international clients, and my income grew to double, triple, then ten times what I’d ever made at any job I'd had. The future only gets more exciting as time goes on!


What are you doing now, and what are your next steps? I run an SEO and online marketing business. I work with clients both national and international, small and large, to increase their online presence, search engine rankings, traffic and sales. I provide both on-page and off-page SEO and online marketing such as Facebook advertising, sales funnel and internal marketing structure design, lead capture, viral campaigns, etc. My next projects include a "natural/green/healthy living" blog and potentially a product line, maybe even an eco resort one day, as well as a book.


Any advice for anyone at any age who thinks they want to make a career transformation?

I am a HUGE advocate of entrepreneurship; I wouldn't live my life any other way! Running my own life and making a career out of my passions is the most rewarding and amazing feeling. I want to share this with others and help them build their own businesses and independent success for themselves. In the future I will be launching an entrepreneur training program, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. You know in your bones if you were born to be an entrepreneur—reading my article Were You Born to be an Entrepreneur?  will help you figure this out and gain clarity—and when you aren’t living the life you were meant to live, everything feels wrong. If you are destined to be in the driver’s seat, and you want to love what you do and do what you love, exactly the way you want to, then that’s exactly what you need to do! Do what you LOVE.

Many businesses fail because they were built with the sole purpose of generating revenue instead of being driven by passion and wanting to make a difference. You want BOTH. When you put your heart and soul into a business that doesn’t excite you or make you happy, no matter how much money you think you will make, your determination and drive will eventually fizzle out. When you build a business around something you love and that you have so much passion for (and being an expert on your topic really helps), the money will come. It’s important to remember that success without happiness is not success at all. True success comes from living a meaningful life that is aligned with your passions and deepest beliefs, driven by love and helping others and making a difference, striving for self-growth, gratitude and true internal happiness. At least that’s how I see it!


Thanks, Chloe! We're looking forward to seeing you in Orlando for #BlogHer17!

Chloe's session, SEO: Conquering Search Engine Algorithms, is a part of our Technology & Tools programming track and will take place on Saturday, June 24, 2017 from 10:30am - 12:00pm.



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