Is SEO Really Dead? Or Has it Morphed into a Social Superhero!

The lines have become blurred from traditional SEO to what I call SEO on “steroids”. The fuel that drives the traditional SEO engine is still relevant, from keyword-rich website content, code to content ratio and optimization, to being Google compliant. However, today search engines are paying increasing attention to an online social activity. Consistent social engagement indicates that a website is an active participant in commerce and is not just a content generator or link farm.

SEO Superhero ~ Web Success Team

Social media spews out relevant content, builds relationships, engages, promotes back-linking and drives traffic to your website. SEO can no longer be thought of as this mysterious code generating Tower of Babel. SEO has morphed into a pantheon of immortals ready to do battle for the hearts and minds of your target audience.

The every man and woman can now take on the role of SEO Superhero to promote their online business activities through the use of Social Media, Content Creation and Mobile Technology. Here’s how:

Social Media:

The thrust of Social Media is to connect with people of like interest, match them up with their needs, and reach each other’s networks through “relationship marketing.”

Whatever social platform you use most (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), it is important to build up your profiles peppered with your keywords, create a strong branded presence and share relevant content. The key is to engage your audience, bring them into your network and give to get. The new business model is social and by building an online presence, you can build trust and confidence for a potential customer.

Content Creation:

Where would we be without the written word. Google Panda has finally reinforced the importance of original content andbranding. Content still drives SEO, provides information to make decisions and makes your presence more visible to search. Know what keywords generate the most activity and use them in content. Blogs are an excellent way to deliver your message. Search engines love them. Original content is best, but because of time and limitations, many curate content (take it from other sources and share the best content for others to consume). It might be an article, a quote, a video post, an image or link to another blog or website. Content is of course not limited to the written word; it can also be an infographic (depicted in this blog post), a video or image. These are effective uses of content as people engage visually and will share imagery more often than a word-only article.

Mobile Technology:

Mobile has arrived. Most people have or will have smart technology by year’s end. Merry Christmas! People on the go are using their mobile devices to check in, download coupons, and scan QR codes for relevant information in helping make decisions on their purchases. Mobile drives traffic to websites for people searching for deals, product information, mapping a location or connecting to social networks. Mobile is becoming to the Internet to what fast food did to change our eating habits.

Flex Your SEO Muscles

Like any Superhero, you need to make an impact. It’s no good being Clark Kent quietly going about his business. Tear off the disguise and unleash the power of SEO on Steroids. Supersize your presence online by utilizing the powerful tools of Social Media, Mobile Technology and of course content to tell your story and help others!
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