Can You Know About Woody Allen's Scandals and Still Enjoy His Films?


You have to wonder if Farrow's trying to make Woody Allen suffer all these years later, although he actually hasn't had much contact with Ronan, Dylan or his other children.  After reading the accusations and story behind the 1992 story, it's hard to blaim Farrow.  She's been carrying so much pain around and I would also if I were in her shoes.

Because 20 years later, as a woman and a mom, it's harder to read the possible truth about a man I have worshipped my whole life. I have a daughter now who I protect with all my might and my world would be shattered if anyone were to ever touch her. Had it been the man I'd spent much of my personal and professional career with, I do not know how I would manage to go on.

In 1992, I was able to separate Allen's art from his real life, and I will probaby continue to do so.  I will most likely remember him for his films and not the sordid scandals quietly lurking in the background.  

But now as a mother, it may not be as easy as it once was.


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