September 17, 2012 Excerpt from Chapter One of "The Innocents" by Donna May


The choice of one has a far-reaching effect on many, thus the Innocents. So count them; and count on them being touched, the many, … the Innocents.

by Donna D May

an excerpt from Chapter One...

Chapter One

“When someone hammers a single nail into a smooth, clear wall there is a sense of desecration. The violent act produces an ugly outcome. That nail is nothing but an eyesore. Each time anyone sees it they wish they could turn back time to the point where it had never been put in place. Until that is, someone with vision hangs a glorious picture on it. At which point, there is admiration all round.”

Astrologer, Jonathan Cainer


Even as my daughter cowered in the corner of the closet, trying to hide under discarded rags and clothing, she knew her efforts would almost certainly prove futile. As her mind searched wildly for a way to escape, her whimpers gave her hiding place away.

She tensed, holding her breath against the overwhelming fear building in her as she heard footsteps grow closer. The closet door swung on its hinges and light flooded in, exposing her to her attackers. Strands of hair were ripped from her scalp as she was dragged into the middle of the room. A husky female voice laughed out at her as Jacquilynne tried vainly to scratch at the hand that held her by the hair. It was given another violent tug then the hand that held it let go.

As she was released, the thin frame of her body curled into a ball for protection and as it did, another set of hands, these ones stronger and harder, pulled her by the feet, leaving her fully exposed to her attackers.

Jacquilynne didn’t have to ask why they were doing this to her. She knew what they wanted and she didn’t have it.

She closed her eyes to protect them as the first kick landed on the bridge of her nose. Before she could recover, the same boot fell hard on her chest.

“You fucking piece of shit. Not such a smart ass now, eh bitch?” the female’s voice taunted her.

She rolled to one side but was kicked back to lay flat on the floor again.

“Do you have the money to pay up?”

Still winded from the last blow, she mouthed an inaudible response, then, realizing the end result would probably be the same whether she had had what they wanted or not, she braced for more.

Without giving her a chance to speak again, they used the toes and heels of their boots to aimlessly pummel my daughter, cutting at her flesh and snapping her bones with their impact.

“You ignorant fucking crackhead,” said the man, towering over her to inspect their “work”.

Blood flowed from her nose, her mouth, and from deep cuts to her head. Still that wasn’t enough for him. He bent down, grabbed the front of her jacket and twisted it in his fist so he could use it to pull her into a kneeling position. A fiery pain shot through her chest as he pulled her up to a kneeling position and positioned himself behind her. Wrapping one of his arms around her neck, he used his forearm to push her chin towards the ceiling and with his free hand, took a knife from his boot and placed it against her throat.

Choking on a mixture of blood and spit, she gasped to fill her lungs with air as he tightened his hold. Then, pressing his lips against her ear, he whispered, “I’m going to bleed you out, you fucking crack whore.” 

by Donna D May

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