September Goals: Running, Career and Family

Amber @ Fit, Foodie Runs:

Time if flying so fast that I didn’t even realize I missed a post on writing my goals for September!

It must have been all the new school stuff or that I’m in the kitchen daily now. Woo hoo! (I get a few free hours to myself with the kids in school….tehehe!)

A BIG SHOUT OUT TO TRACI for completing her August goals!

Her and I emailed back and forth throughout the month and all her hard work is proving she’s ready for her goal: To run her first half in October! Traci, I want to see a photo of you crossing the finish line! You got this!

My August Goals:

August Goals

Running: 15-20 miles weekly: Kind of not. I was out there more than normal, I ran longer…but I had some real important (family) obligations which I had to uphold. I’m not upset that I didn’t run as much as I would like because I definitely got out there as much as I could.


  • Pass RRCA Certification Exam – check!
  • Get CPR and First Aid Certified – check!
  • Create business plan – started!

I don’t have much to say but woo hoo! I spent the bulk of my month studying and understanding what was asked of me to preform. I have never been so excited to be a certified running coach and understand concepts about nutrition, form, speed etc. that I would have never known. Proud of myself – I really am.

Family: I have tried to be more productive in working hours and present in the moment but that is really difficult for me. My mind is always moving so fast and I multitask constantly that I really need to slow down. I can never spend too much time with my children or my husband. They need me the most.

September Goals:

Running: To run three times a week. I’m not counting miles this month just frequently of getting out there. I love my time running and if I don’t run, I find myself getting agitated really easily. I can run for a while  (6 to 7 miles) and then not run at all and that’s when my body gets confused at what I’m doing to it. Frequently this month is key.


  • Promote “our” first virtual race!
  • Finish business plan: write goals
  • Dedicate more time to blogging
  • Create more recipes!


  • Spend lots of one-on-one time with the children. (One of them is acting out the first week of school and needs more one-on-one time.)
  • Have a date night with my hubby
  • Include more healthy snacks in the kids day.  (I wrote an article on  17 Healthy Snacks for Traveling) I’m also using my list for my family throughout their day with these yummy snacks!

Question: What are your September goals?


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