Serena Williams Back on the Tennis Court in Style

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Thirteen-time Grand Slam singles champion Serena Williams is back on the tennis court following a series of health-related setbacks, including blood clots in her lung. The former No. 1-ranked player has not played an official match since she won the title at Wimbledon in July. But it wasn’t Serena’s appearance on the practice court on Tuesday that had fans buzzing -- it was the bright pink body suit she shared with fans via Twitter. Very few players could have pulled it off but wearing an outfit like that makes Serena who she is. Wonder if it was a set-up by Nike?

Heather Zeller of A Glam Slam blogs about Serena’s fashion comeback. Read her full post here.

Look who I spotted on the court. Her first day back...  on Twitpic

What do you think about Serena's latest style statement?

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