Seriously Good Excuses for a Lame Day 5 NaBloPoMo post


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Excuse #1 

Friday I had a tooth extraction and bone graft which has not been too horrible, but still, it does hurt a bit and after doing my morning chores yesterday, running for breakfast with the hubs, driving a half hour away to store the corvette for the winter, I took my pain pills and laid down for a short nap which turned into a 3 hour nap.  That sure wasn’t my intention, but I wanted to make sure I was rested so I could give the babies my best last night at daughter’s annual Halloween Party.  I was the designated baby watcher, which leads to: 

Excuse #2 

It works out well that I am the only non drinker in the family, I’m always the designated driver.  And now I’m the designated baby care giver too!  My daughter and son in law have a Halloween party every year, but this year they had to postpone it because of adjusting to a new baby in the house.  Michael and I usually go in costume, but this year we didn’t.  I didn’t want to be anyone unusual to the boys, and I hate make up and I was so glad that I was the sitter and could now at age 55, be old enough that I don’t have to wear a costume to the party.   

Nikki is finally not pregnant for a party after 2 years and she planned it out and pumped so Gavin could have breast milk from a bottle.  Holy cow you should see how much milk she has frozen.  Anyway, Gavin had his first bottle last night, and he did good.  At first he seemed a little confused, but as soon as he realized that this strange plastic nipple had milk in it, he latched onto it and drank half.  He’s a funny boy when he’s milk drunk.  Did you know that breast milk has something in it that calms the baby?  

Excuse #3

I just ran out of time.  I brought my ipad and keyboard along and even bought pages for my ipad.  I figured after Quinn went to bed, I’d have time when the baby slept to write my daily blog post.  Haha, that was wishful thinking.  Gavin was a bit out of sorts being away from his momma for so long (which wasn’t really that long) and he cried more than I ever have seen him cry.  So dagnabit, I had to rock and cuddle him.  I know, it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.  I never did have a free hand to type!  

Various times during the evening, the hubs asked if we could go, and each time I reminded him that I committed to care for the babies and I just could not leave.  Finally at 11:30, I agreed to go home after giving Nikki time to hydrate with water and sober up a bit.  I’m sure she didn’t drink as much as the boys did. (our hubby’s are bad)  She has test strips for her milk to check if the alcohol level is too high.  But like I said earlier, she’s got a dairy farm in the freezer to feed him.   

At 11:30, I quickly opened the create page and quickly scribbled a few lines so I could get a post in on day 5. So there you have it.  Life interfered with blogging time.  Now I am off to find out how to find time to blog when you are having a super busy day.  








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