Set On Fire

Roaming through an endless night,
No hope of ever seeing the light.
It had been so long since an embrace reached out to hold,
I had become accustom to the cold.
In my dark moment I was weak,
I allowed a thief in to sneak.
And suddenly I was no longer in the dark,
That sort of rescue doesn't go without leaving a mark.
In my chest there was a hole,
The contents of which you stole.
It wasn't hard we didn't have to try at all,
The chemistry was there, all we had to do was fall.
You make me laugh until I cry,
We are horrible at goodbye.
The way you touch my skin,
It's sad to think this could have always been.
The way you kiss me makes me weak,
Your brown eyes into my soul they seek.
The moment I was weak, I am so thankful for,
I felt it in my stomach before you walked out my front door.
Never has there been two better lovers,
That were completely made for eachother.
Together our passion burst into flames,
We knew things would never be the same.
In eachothers eyes we can see us spending our life,
As husband and wife.

A poem I wrote after my husband and I started dating :)

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