Setting them free... easier said than done.

Forever 17

This morning while the house was quiet, I took a few moments and watched my little girl sleeping. So peaceful she laid there. I glanced at her childhood hanging on the walls, Amazing art work she had done, the dance trophies covered in dust, the clothes scattered across the floor, the scrap book I had made for her 18th Birthday. The last 18 years on display. I cried, because 2 days from now the memories will remain but that little girl sleeping will be 180 miles away in her dorm starting a new chapter in her life.

I  feel a sadness I’ve never known, and a happiness at the same time. I have done what I set out to do and the time has come for me to set her free. I was 17 when she entered the world and we made it through with little more than Love and tenacity. She changed my world and now it is time for me to share her and set here free to find her future.

As a Mother I sit here wondering was there anything  I missed ,any talk I forgot? Will she  remember where she came from and stay true to her values? I’m afraid of what could be and excited to see what will be. I have loved every minute of these past 18 years and as sad as I am to see her go I know I must.

Setting them free is easier said then done, I don’t think we are ever ready, they are our babies no matter how old they are.

Have you been here? How did you make it through?



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