Setting your beauty free!

Beauty, that elusive goal that woman feel compelled to try to obtain yet most woman can never really meet by today's cultural standards. As young girls we start out wanting and believing that we will grow up to be beautiful only to realize as we reach our teens that the standard is so unrealistic that only a few naturally qualify to be called what is considered beautiful. Some choose to go the plastic surgery route to conform to the media's standard of beauty, other woman just live with feeling not pretty.  Only a few woman feel beautiful even if they are not the classical standard of beauty. These woman are setting their beauty free even if they do not meet what is defined or called beautiful today.  We see these woman in the public eye just radiating beauty, feeling so beautiful from their soul not their body. They send out powerful feelings of beauty so strong that all feel their beauty oven if they don't really see their beauty. These powerful feelings completely change what people see when they look at these woman.  Radiating beauty is true power. Power that comes from deep in your being that can never be taken away or lost as you grow old. Feeling beautiful is so much more lasting than being beautiful by our cultural definition of beauty which does not include aging. 


By letting society define your beauty you relinquish your power, your control, your freedom to be the your best, to shine with the illumination from within, not darkened from the outside by impossible standards.  When you don't care about societies definition of beauty you are setting your beauty free rather than feeling negatively about yourself.


An easy way to set your beauty free is getting up each day feeling your beauty, your power radiating from within.  When you feel that internal power you realize that you are worthy of all that you desire changing your focus to be open to embrace all that the universe sends to you. You send out those powerful feelings creates more opportunity for you each day to be outstanding, to be your best, to let nothing stop you from reaching your goals.  You feel wonderful, you look wonderful, you let go of negative habits that have been reinforcing your old ideas about you.  You gravitate to doing everything that will continue to make you feel good about yourself.  And finally that elusive change that is so hard for most people to institute is yours.  You change your actions, you change your habits, you change your relationships with people, money, food, and more! Your life has made a major shift which turned out to be right there all along by just setting your beauty free, releasing your power from within! After all is beauty not just a feeling, or as the old saying goes, in the eye of the beholder.  See your own beauty from within - releasing to the universe for all to see and behold!


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