Seven New Foods!

My selection criteria for the 100 New Foods Project are very, very weak.  The food item has to be a whole food or combination of ingredients that I have never tried before, and be readily available in the general vicinity of the stuff on our family calendar.  The grocery store outside the physiotherapy office?  For sure!  The T & T Asian Supermarket near the skating rink?  Absolutely.  The chocolate shop at the mall?  Oh, hell yes!

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

My kids LOVED these!  I know that should've been a total no-brainer, but my olive-munching, cheese-averse, pasta-intolerant Stickbug tends to eschew much "normal" kid food.  Not this time!  And my daughter gleefully stuffed them into her snack kit for school, thus further lowering the Kindergarten Moms' estimation of my parenting.  ("She makes her daughter read, study French, and feeds her THAT?!?!?")  *snickers*

Jumbo Flame Raisins

These babies are BIG!  About the size of a fresh cherry, and quite a lot softer and sweeter than sultanas or golden raisins.  On their own, I found the sweetness overpowering.  But mixed in with pepitas, pretzel sticks, mini-chips, and cereal?  Not bad!  The kids each tried a handful because, you know, they're just raisins.  Danica:  "I like our usual raisins better."  No probs.



A better blogger would research the provenance of this lovely orange/red fruit.  Sadly, I am not a better blogger.  The kids and I did once read a story called Why Epossomundas Has No Hair, which involved a hairy possum's schemes to get all of the persimmons for himself.

Nom nom nom....

I would risk my hair for another plate of these.  And if my bald progeny were to question why I would do such a thing?  I might consent to share my persimmon hoard.  They taste a bit like an especially sweet papaya, like melon but with the texture of a peach.  So good!  I found the skins a bit tough, but each slice is exactly the size of a mouthful and makes for fabulous vermillion smiles when you bite the flesh away.  Mmmmmm!


Apparently, these come from Jerusalem.  Which means they traveled a ways to get to my kitchen, here in the Great White North.  That might have been a bit too far....  Peeled, sliced into 1/2" sections, and roasted for 20 minutes in olive oil and kosher salt, they taste a bit like turnip and would likely add a nice hint of flavour to mashed potatoes.  The kids each dutifully ate a slice – even my Bug, who HATES anything resembling a potato.  But, still.  I think I'd rather just buy turnips.


I really enjoyed this one.  The kids?  Not so much.  My son loves tomatoes and was clearly unimpressed with this obvious imposter.  My daughter was just unimpressed.  But me?  I could eat these all day!  The taste is part tomato and part apple, and just fresh.  I'm not a big fan of tomato salsa, but one of these chopped up and tossed in with some red peppers, mild chiles, an obligatory tomato and some onion?  Oh, gawd!  I'm going to have to try that!

Chocolate Orange Fudge

Doing errands with my Number One Son, we happened into the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  Why, you ask?  Well, the gravitational pull of that store cannot be resisted we had a few small gifts to pick up for teachers, coaches and instructors so what choice did we have?  I've never enjoyed Terry's Chocolate Oranges, which is why I grabbed this bit off of the shelf instead of say, chocolate maple fudge, or double chocolate fudge, or traditional brown sugar fudge or.... *swoons*.... (Ahem.)  But this was good!  Just a hint of orange to compliment the sugar and the chocolate.  Spud and I traded bites while watching the bumper boats and waving at strangers.  Perfection.

Dropped Amish Church Sugar Cookies

My friend FW (who makes the best ginger snaps IN THE LIVING WORLD) brought these over for me and they are divine.  Not too sweet, just crumbly enough.  And gone far too soon.  You need these in your life, people.  They are comfort food for when you don't even know you need comforting.

Our little project is going so well, I'm excited for what next week will bring.  My kids tried each and every one of these items, are asking about what we'll get next, and have begged to come with me to the market so they can choose some new things, too.

Does it GET better?  No.  It does not.

What about you all?  Have you tried any awesome (or not so awesome) new foods, lately?


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