Sewing Idea! DIY Nylon Strap Bag

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So I’m new to this whole sewing thing and I’m always on the look-out for sewing ideas that are simple and practical. This nylon strap bag can be made in wha
My fabrics came from the clearance bin at Wal-Mart. I check regularly and scored these for id="mce_marker" per yard. Also, the nylon straps can be purchased at Wal-Mart or whatever fabric store you use. tever size you need. I made mine to use as a children’s gift bag, buy you can make a larger one to take to the pool or whatever.

You will need:

sewing machine


nylon strap

How to make a Nylon Strap Bag:

1) Cut two pieces of fabric. I folded my fabric in half before measuring and cutting, with the wrong side facing in, and ironed the crease at the bottom. I wanted to double up the fabric to make the bag sturdy. DIY Nylon Strap Bag step 1

The measurements I used were 12 inches by 13 inches. You may adjust for the size bag you would like to make.

2) Match the pieces of fabric and pin. I left the crease as the bottom edge of the bag and pinned one side.

3) Sew the first side seam at about 1/4 inch and then over stitch the edge to prevent fraying. See the picture below. IMG_0944

Open the bag and press the seam to one side.

4) Fold down 1/4 inch of fabric along the top of the bag. Iron to create a crease and sew.

DIY Nylon Strap Bag 3

5) Place nylon straps and pin them in place. I used 43 inches of nylon for each strap. The placement is not an exact science, but you will need to match your measurements on both sides so the straps meet at the bottom seam.

DIY Nylon Strap Bag


The first side of the strap was placed 2 inches from the seam.. Then I measured about 6 inches of space and placed the next strap, leaving a little extra space on the open side for the seam.

6) Sew the nylon strap along each long edge. On the first bag I re-enforced the top of the strap with an ‘X’, but decided to simplify on the second bag by just placing and extra stitch along the top edge of the straps. The ‘X’ was too hard to make 4 times and looked sloppy.


7) Fold bag with right sides facing inward. Sew side seam and over stitch edge to prevent fraying.


8) Sew the bottom edge of the bag and you are done! Flip it right side out and enjoy!

DIY Nylon Strap Bag 4

I plan on making a Kindle sized bag for my daughter to carry her tablet when we go out to eat this weekend. Now that I have the process down I can make one in 30 minutes! So cute and a sewing idea you can actually use!




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