Menstruation. Does it weird you out?

So, my Sinful Sunday picture last week. Did you see it? Did it weird you out? I won't repost it here but, for those who have not yet seen it and would like to, you can follow the link to take you to Crimson Splendour....more

Sex and a Woman. Every woman should read (explicit)

Sex. Mmmmm. For every woman, sex is an amazing thing. Most men have no idea how the woman's mind works, and just how often we think about sex. We can be so perverted at times (dont deny that when you see something in the shape of a penis, you laugh.) and often, we tend to be the horniest creatures on earth. Once a woman's sex button has been pushed, there is no time limit to how long it will stay on. So, since sex is such an incredible thing, that everyone should enjoy lets talk about sex....more
Toys are great fun and are the best aids to help you find what works best for you. Your partner ...more

When Did You and Your Parents Have "The Talk"?

I grew up surrounded by friends who seemed not only fascinated with sex, but were also perfectly comfortable discussing it in front of other people, regardless of our age. Yes, in elementary school my friends talked about sex. Although they weren't sexually active (which, now that I think about it, would have been horrifying), they spoke about sex in funny ways or as if they actually knew what it was all about....more
I'm still waiting for my talk...I'm now 36 with a son, so...might be moot at this point!?!? :-)more

Survey Results: What led you to orgasm with a partner

What led our community to orgasm with a partner?Last week’s survey had some interesting findings. Let’s look at what the men and women of our community shared!WomenStarting with the gals, we had over 200 women complete the survey.What led women in our community to orgasm with a partner?...more

Why You May Be Having More Orgasms Soon

A recent study found that 91% of men & 64% of women orgasmed during their most recent sexual encounter. Find out how who we are impacts our chances of an orgasm!What most frequently leads you to orgasm during sex with a partner? Take my poll at the end -- Just 2 questions!...more
What led men in our survey to orgasm with a partner? For straight men:1% did not have an orgasm ...more

My Super Sensory Orgasm Inducing Feet

I like being barefoot. I always have. I love the feel of my feet on tile, slate, cold marble and polished wood. Even rough wood—just no splinters of course. I love the feel of my feet sinking in the sand as the waves wash over them. I love the feel of my feet in soft moist soil. Grass, the soft kind—I love my feet on that. I love tearing up the grass with my toes sometimes. I love how it feels when my feet try to make sense out of a shag rug, with all the fibers going every which way, my toes trying to figure out which ones to grab....more

Try Out the “Seven Stages of Foreplay”

Need a way to spice up boring sex with your partner but unsure how to ask for it? Ask him to try making the Seven Stages of Foreplay part of your lovemaking …This way you all can cover most of the bases most of the time!...more
New data... orgasm rates are higher for couples who use a wider variety of sexual play during ...more

7 Sexy Songs For Gettin' It On

   Have you ever been doin' it, or trying to set the mood, and wished you had some delightful music to bone to? ...more

The Stages of Breaking Up

Have you broken up with someone, and once you were done with it, you were left in a state of complete and utter bewilderment?...more

Victoria's Secret and Porn

By Marla CarltonMy 11 year old boy likes to Google girls in bras and underwear. I found it in his search thread on his phone. I noticed he was spending a lot of time in the bathroom on his phone. I talked to him about searching porn on the internet. Told him that he might see something that he can’t unsee, and then I gave him a Victoria’s Secret catalog....more