Demystifying Prostate Massage Myths

Over the years, sex has been a taboo in many areas of the world. In some regions, it still is an unspoken pleasure, however, in recent times, many sexual connotations have been busted. Prostate massage, in particular, is the subject of varying assumptions. For those unfamiliar with the concept of this widely used sensual experience, let me demystify a few prostate massage myths....more

5 Ways to Get the Perfect Dating Profile Picture

Let's Get Started:Ditch the Racy PicsStop worrying about how many matches you get, and start thinking about who the matches are. Those cleavage and bikini shots may get lots of attention — likely from a bunch of bros who assume you’ll be quick to undress in person too....more

17 Things Every 2000s Girl Did to Impress Her Crush

The AIM away message did just that: give you *~away~*....more

Sex is Art.

Sex. It’s everywhere. It’s on my mind. It’s on your mind. Get over it.In a pigeon-hearted society where delusive misconceptions have individuals scared stiff and casually talking about the weather, dishonorable politicians, jaw-dropping destitution, turbulence, malignant influences, and global warming until they’re blue in the face, the expressions of discomfort, disinterest and reluctance are visible when an individual brings up the almighty subject of sex....more

9 Ways a Revamped Household Got Me the Guy

 ‘An Unattended Home can be the Biggest Hookup Hindrance’You might not believe me if I shared the concept of ‘Sexing Up the House’ for a better love life. As much as it sounds unrealistic, there is a lot of thought behind this newly discovered phenomenon....more


No matter how religious you might be you cannot run away from the fact that s ex is one important factor in any marriage. Let's be frank now, there is no marriage without sexual intention, marriage is not to take picture of each other on a daily basis. Related: S ex will make your relationship stronger only At the appropriate time When the marri...more

Sex Will Make Your Relationship Stronger Only At The Appropriate Time - bamisepeters' blog

Through conceptual clarification i could deduce that "relationship is the way in which two or more people, groups, countries, etc., talk to, behave toward, and deal with each other.It is also a romantic or se-xual friendship between two people: the way in which two or more people or things are connected" ....more

Focus On The Floor

Back in the day, it appears, “the weaker sex” thought a lot about their floors. As Madison Avenue ad men not so subtly pointed out, it was a woman’s prime preoccupation…aside from what to make for dinner and which beer to serve after she burned it. Whether it was no wax, hardwood, linoleum, tile or carpet, the print world placed a priority on pushing products to keep women focused on their floors ....more