Does Rape Culture Exist?

I've been VERY conflicted about whether "rape culture" exists. ...more


Dear Diary, ...more

The Marriage Ultimatum

There is nothing wrong with an ultimatum girl....more

The First Time

I did it. I'm still kind of processing everything that happened even though I've talked about it, gotten it out, and thought about it. It wasn't what I was expecting. I had high hopes that things would have gone a bit differently.   Let me tell you what happened. Dom #2 sent the address to me so I could GPS it. I was under the assumption I was meeting him at his office. After lots of confusion it turns out that was not the case. ...more

Dear Tachina Arnold, You Go Girl!

Last week it was reported that Tachina Arnold and her husband Rico Hines were getting divorced after Tachina found out that Rico had been having multiple affairs with various different women. I’ll be the first to admit I was a bit shocked by this because it was just last year that I saw an episode of Wife Swap that featured them and they seemed to be doing pretty good....more

My journey as the submissive one

I've started a new journey. Something that is kind of experimental for me. And for husband. It's been fun though.I've taken on a dominant man. He doesn't live close so it's a by phone only sort of thing at the moment. I have no idea what is going to happen. I have no idea how things will go. The chatting has been going on for 5-6 days now.I'm going to post here to track how things go....more

9 Sex Myths Debunked: The Things You Thought You Knew

*Hi. Have you ever watched porn? Of course you have.Perks of being editor-in-chief of a feminist website, include but are limited to: early release books!Exhibit A: The Sex Myth by Rachel Hills.(As if I’d say no to that.)...more
If men took an honest evaluation of their penis size, sex would be less disappointing. Most men ...more

The Final Frontier: Lessons in Love

"Sometimes touching another person is more than I can bear."-Walt Whitman, "Song of Myself"I’ll admit it: I’m 34 and in the first real, all-growed-up relationship of my life. Until a few years ago, I never let anyone get close enough to hurt me. Vulnerability was not a color I was willing to wear, and for years I thought that that made me pretty bad-ass. I didn’t need a man to take care of me—I could do it just fine by myself, thank you very much....more

Sexual Positions Article Hub

Want to raise your status in the sack by learning more about the various sexual positions which can upgrade your standing to Master of the Bedroom? You’ve come to the right place. The Condom Depot Learning Center’s Sexual Positions Article Hub has all the mind and body-bending poses, positions and anatomy lessons you need, all in one convenient locale....more