Sex 2.0, v2 - success!

If you follow my tweets, you already know that Sex 2.0 was a blast. I'm going to do a proper recap post as soon as I get a free minute or thirty. In the meantime, here are some photos:

Elizabeth and I both wore Dacia's "Sex Nerds Know How To Do It" shirt
Elizabeth and I both wore Dacia's "Sex Nerds Know How To Do It" shirt. Totally unplanned; GMTA.
Melissa Gira giving her (awesome) NPR-esque keynote
Sadly, scheduled keynote speaker Nikol Hasler fell ill days before the conference and was unable to attend. Melissa Gira stepped up, doing a This American Life-esque keynote with Dacia playing Ira Glass from the back of the room. I sure hope someone got audio and/or video.
Maria Diaz in her "Revenge Porn" session (and Calico's hand and Flip camera)
Maria Diaz in her "Revenge Porn" session. Also, Miss Calico's hand and Flip camera.
Sarah Dopp and me - less blurry version
Sarah Dopp touches me without consent.
Melissa Gira and me - MySpace-esque photo
MySpace-esque photo of me and Melissa. She knows how to sit like a lady while I clearly do not.
Party girls
This is how the sex nerds get down.
(Shades of this photo [coincidentally, also in Washington]. It's clear I value certain priorities in my friends.)

I'll also be posting audio of the Revisiting Naked on the Internet panel, which I was on along with Melissa and Furry Girl, and Dacia moderating. It'll be up as an episode of (un)ConCast whenever Rusty does his MacBook Pro magic on the audio file.

Also, I've been collecting links to other posts recapping Sex 2.0 in my

Thanks, all, for a terrific weekend!

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