"Sex and the City" and "Mama Mia": Deconstructing the Female Blockbuster

 In “Sex and the City” a group of friends unite for a wedding that doesn’t happen. 

Actually, they do the same thing in “Mama Mia”. 

In “SATC” the women teeter around hot, grimy New York in impossibly high heels and form fitting dresses which you just know require a lot of Spanx and a lot of hairdressing and make-up. 

In “Mama Mia” the women hang out in filmy summer dresses, bathing suits and bare feet—the better to dive into the blue-green waters. I believe they’re mostly bra-less. 

In “SATC” the women drink complicated cocktails.  In “Mama Mia” the women drink champagne. 

In “SATC” the women are variably attached, unattached or trying to be attached to a man.  In “Mama Mia”, they are all happily unattached to men. 

In “SATC” the women sleep with or are married to: Chris Noth, Evan Handler, Jason Lewis and David Eigenberg (Sidebar comment here: is this as good as it gets in New York? Because if that’s the case there will soon be an exodus). 

In “Mama Mia”, the women are wooed by: Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth and Stellan Skarsgaard (Another sidebar: who would you rather frolic naked with on a Greek beach, Evan Handler or Peirce Brosnan?).   

This is not even a contest. 

The women in “SATC” are a good 20 years younger than their counterparts in “Mama”, but they seem infinitely less happy.  They sit around coffee shops and trendy restaurants discussing their unhappiness. 

The women in “Mama” sing and dance.  Christine Baranski kicks ass on the dance floor, Julie Walters chews through the scenery and Meryl…well, Meryl does a split in the air after bouncing off a bed. 

When I grow up, I want to be them.


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