Sex and the City: Then and Now

I love Sex and the City as much as the next woman, if not more.  I have seen every episode about five times and have every infamous one-liner memorized.  I was there for the launch of the series and I was there for the very last episodes (although, I saw each of the last few episodes a week late because I was living in London at the time and had to have each episode snail-mailed to me).  None-the-less, I was/am a very loyal viewer (how come us loyal SATC viewers never got nicknames like Gleeks or Trekkies?).

SATC hit home to all woman; the conversation topics were real and weren’t afraid to cross boundaries; this show opened many doors for woman regarding topics that were semi-taboo to discuss at the time.  In my opinion, this is the one show that woman will always be able to relate to.…or will they?

As I was watching reruns on TBS this past week (I loathe watching them on TBS, but of course I still sit through them), I started to realize, this show is old!  After all, it did end in Spring 2004 – which was 9 years ago!  Thus, as I watched a few episodes, it occurred to me that several topics aren’t even discussed (anything related to dating and social media) and there are several physical attributes to the show that are now comical (lack of cell phones) and show the Shows' age (Miranda’s suits in the first couple seasons).

So, I compiled a list.  If SATC were on today, here are some things that would be different; they are small, yet so big:


10. Burger would have never broke-up with Carrie on a post-it; he would have broke-up over a text, whatsapp, gchat, facebook status change, etc.


9.  Not only are self-help books trendy now, but Charlotte would not have gotten such anxiety over purchasing ‘Starting Over Yet Again’ because she could have downloaded it on her kindle.


8.  Carrie would not have taught a seminar on how to find a date and it wouldn’t have been so difficult to find one; the girls would have been on and eharmony…. and Charlotte would have been on jdate.


7.  It would not have mattered when Carrie’s computer crashed, everything would have been on the cloud.


6.  'Fifty Shades of Grey' and Magic Mike would have been a topic of conversation. Period.


5.  Miranda would  have DVR’d ‘Jules and Mimi’ or would have watched it on Netflix or OnDemand.


4.  Samantha would not have resort to manual labor to take down an ex; she would have tweeted, updated her status, sent mass texts and emails, etc.


3.  Carrie would have never touched a New York City payphone.


2.  Cell phone etiquette would have been declared on this show.


1.  Carrie would have been a BLOGGER!

Will the conversations SATC hit on remain the everyday female topics or will that change along with technology and social media?  What current shows are changing our culture with young woman the way SATC did with our generation?


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