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In May of 1992, John Gray published a book entitled "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" and at the time it gained the attraction of the world. Women flocked to bookstores to purchase the one book that would finally explain to them why their husbands/significant others acted the way they did. Finally there was an explanation as to why men behaved the way they do--apparently, we learne, they are in fact from Mars. ;)

I can still remember both my mother and mother-in-law sitting in their perspective living rooms reading this book cover to cover. I am sure they too were among the millions of women seeking answers to their relationship problems. I am pretty sure they did not find the answers they wanted but at the time I was young and clueless and could offer no input into the situation. If I could go back today and speak to them both about their individual situations, the first thing I would do is tell them to throw that ridiculous book away. It is their fault I got stuck having to read this book and to this day I continue to take issue with it...keep reading and you will understand why.

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Carrie Dahle

Writer ~ Day to Day Woman


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