Elizabeth Edwards, A Woman Off The Fence

Many of you have asked my opinion on this week’s announcement that cancer-stricken Elizabeth Edwards has left her husband, former presidential candidate John Edwards. I covered this story before, as I found it fascinating why some women choose to stay after infidelity....more

Love....Bah Humbug!

 I realized that I've spent the last year or so in a state of virtual nonexistence. To be perfectly honest, I can without hesitation say that the individual formerly known as Gina is no longer on this earth....more

"What Do You Mean, There's No $$ For College?"

Jane Adams Ph.D....more

"Instinct is the nose of the mind." - Delphine Gay de Girardin

For the record, I delivered almost a 10 pound baby, watched my mother die within one month of a terminal diagnosis and divorced an overbearing, abusive man. However, despite the strength I needed to face all of those challenges, this was definitely the most difficult.  I wish I could look back over the past several months and continue to rationalize all of the red flags I witnessed. I wish I could go back in time and erase all of the anxiety and challenges I have had to face as a result of this relationship....more

Gilrs Do the Darndest Things

I’m not going to lie…girls are sometimes passionate!!!!  I prefer this word instead of nuts.  I can say this because I have either done one of the things I am about to reveal, been a participating party in one said activity or related to a friend after she told the story because I have most definitely thought about it. ...more

Shaving Strike

WARNING: This post contains graphic material so prepare yourselfDuring the end of November and all through the month of December I went on strike when it came to shaving. It was the season of jeans and boots and I had no business wasting time during my morning routine when the only person touching my legs was the Vietnamese lady at my favorite nail shop. Sure I shaved my arm pits (now that would just be plain disgusting) but the rest of my body provided a shout out to the 70s....more

Guyz Boyz and Men

Your soggy bodies collapse beside each other, too depleted to even wipe away the beads of sweat swelling above your brow and trickling down into your ears. Your lover rolls off to one side of the bed feeling for a light: you turn and watch the embers at the end of the cigarette ignite, then gaze as he takes a long drag and exhales a vapor trail of smoke into the silence. “Ahhhhhh,” he speaks....more

Dog sledding at 30 Below

by Dorene GormanOne day I woke up and learned, at 62 years old, that my significant other,the love of my life, was having an affair with his ex-wife. I immediately threw him out and cried for one year. Soon after, I visited with friends in Asheville, N.C., who unintentionally told me what I needed to do next....more

Addictive Relationships

The Greeks had five words to describe the different levels of love: eros, passionate love, essential desire and longing, romantic love; philia, friendship, loyalty; storge, natural affection; agape, selfless giving; and thelema, desire or will to do something. In the English language we have many states of feeling that describe different elements of love: idolization, affection, devotion, worship, infatuation, lust, passion and rapture. None of which are synonyms for love, as we only have the one word for that, love itself....more


I'm your typical bachelor......Good looking, well built with light eyes, intelligent, and capable of talking a cat off a fish truck...Nevertheless, the intention of this blog is not to come off as an arrogant prick...Rather, to provide insight for women as to why men do, act, think, say and erect the way they do....I feel my past experiences, whether a relationship, my interfering in one, or just plain whoring around serve as proper credentials to feed the curiosity that torments women across the world on a minute-to-minute basis during their conquest to discovering "The One"... ...more