They're Just Not that Into Us: How to Help My Best Friend Get Over Mr. Wrong

My best friend and I are very close.  We even share a few odd similarities in our lives: we both owned a dog named Tasha who unfortunately died within a few weeks of one other, we both love to go out dancing, and we are both hopelessly stuck on our ex-boyfriends....more

Relationships: A Case Study


You are definitely on the right track! Finding someone to have fun with and who is also a ...more

Ladies UFC

WOO HOO... the next Bachelor has finally begun and it proves to be a nail biting, jaw dropping extravaganza.  Yes, I am one of those idiots who chooses to watch a bunch of women acting like idiots over some boy (and this season looks like it will absolutely NOT disappoint).  Hey, the guys have UFC (Ultimate Fight Club). I...have The Bachelor....more

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Baby, You Don't Poke Me Anymore: How Social Media Complicates Relationships

Socially, we are more mobile than we have ever been before. But digitally, we are now more connected than we have been for a long time. No longer are geographic moves tearing our social ties apart. We now inhabit more than a physical space—we are also living in the Cloud. ...more

"Social" networks are over rated.  It is like we are slowly teaching ourselves how to ...more

Stay Positive: It Doesn't Have to be About You

On more than one occasion, a guy that I've gone on multiple dates with will suddenly break off contact with no explanation. Sometimes I don't think anything of it, but depending on how much I liked the guy, there are occasions where my feelings might be hurt a little bit. However, I have a self-defense mechanism that I employ, and so far it's worked very well. ...more

I have just dated a friend. He asked me out and it was great....we went out for dinner couple ...more


I am 21. I have been for one full week now. Today I find myself sitting at my father's house, watching One Tree Hill, eating spaghetti o's, and drinking an apple martini. And constantly missing my boyfriend. For some reason, I feel that this is a constant in my life. That maybe, this isn't going to be the last time that I will be doing this (preferably without the spaghetti o's next time though). Comfort food, comfort drink, comfort entertainment, but no company. Welcome to the fabulous life of being 21....more

I think a lot of us find ourselves doing this, at all sorts of ages. And, I don't necessarily ...more

Learning to Say No, with a Dash of Social Anxiety

I've never really thought of myself as someone who can't say no. I mean, I rarely feel pressured to do something I don't want to do. But it's only taken 7 days of January 2010 for me to realize that I'm actually learning to say no to myself. Because I need to go out less, and I need to focus. On something. But clearly, not everything. ...more


It is definitely that. And it feels like it will lead to something wonderful, but ...more

Get Well With Junk Food

 As you now know, my dad went under the knife on New Year's Day. Me, being of his flesh and blood, his only darling child, let alone being a freakin' girl....more

Makes sense for a 5 year old not to understand--but I'm afraid I might have had to stifle a ...more

Why are the nights so hard?

Today should be the second week of my break up. But, techically, it's the first day. ...more