Get Well With Junk Food

 As you now know, my dad went under the knife on New Year's Day. Me, being of his flesh and blood, his only darling child, let alone being a freakin' girl....more

Makes sense for a 5 year old not to understand--but I'm afraid I might have had to stifle a ...more

Why are the nights so hard?

Today should be the second week of my break up. But, techically, it's the first day. ...more

Office shenanigans

Its now becoming common knowledge that i've been involved with 5 of my co-workers... dont get me wrong, everyone knows about the Husband, everyone knows about the lying cheating Player of an ex Boyfriend, who 8 months later I'm still sleeping with. A handful of people, including the Husband and the Player know about the City Fan. 1 person knows about the Driver and the Driver, a boy called Trousers and Danny all know about The Boss!...more

Diversions: A breakup's best friend.

The holidays keep moving along, coming whether I'm ready or not, and I've been thinking about things like dealing with nostalgia ("Breakups vs. The Holidays") and triumphantly putting up my first Christmas tree on my own ("I'm a Christmas-aholic"). But it's still a tough time no matter what. I still have twinges of panic when I'm faced with the holidays and when that happens, I dig into my bag of diversions, take one out, and become my usual compulsive self over it. One of these diversions is one I've mentioned before. If you know me now, you know I love beauty products and makeup. ...more

Here goes Blog Number One

That was a lot of options for what this rambling blog is about.  And to be honest, I don't know where it will take me.  This is my first time using this site, so please, stick it out with me.  What I know today is. I am not happy.  I made a monumental mistake for me, but I believe it's what is best for my son.  I can't go back and change it. There is no way.  ...more

Today, sweet girl, is the first day of the rest of your life!  Going to the gym and focusing ...more

Single, Never-Married, and Happy. Yes, Even During the Holidays.

Coming off of a breakup at the end of October, I found myself still limping through recovery when Thanksgiving rolled around. I had a wonderful day, with wonderful friends, but my heart was still healing. But by the time I was reading "Single and Happy During the Holidays" by Sarah Elizabeth Richards on Double X, my holiday happiness and enjoyment were in full swing. The level of contentment I've felt this past week has surprised even me. ...more

When I went home for my 20-year reunion I really saw that it must be crazy like you say there ...more

Got STDs?

Hi Maryanne,I'm having some very painful times right now, due to not following your really great advice in your workshop…I wondered if I could ask you something? I'm having a bit of an ethical dilemma....more

Relationships Speak

Writing about relationships has become an educational experience; learning and teaching.  Join me on this journey as I try to better understand people and why they interact as they do.  Thank you for reading my blog....more

I have a burning question I'm posting for the masses.  If you have a few moments, please ...more

Shining in the Darkness

A few bloggers I follow (Maria Niles, Rita Arens, and Blondie) have each posted lists of five things they meant to do in 2009....more

Why is the EX the enemy?

Drumroll please...dum dum dum!  THE EX!  We always assoicate the ex as "the bad one" or "the one who cannot be trusted".  We freak when we find out that our guy is talking to his ex.  Why is this?  Is it an insecurity?  A fear that he might still love her?  Why do ex's still talk? ...more