Is It Ok For A Woman To Hit A Man?


Love Appetite Lost

This is not a post about heartbreak. This is a post about what comes after. For me, for the past 7 years, what came after was, "Next!" I have been The Queen of Dust Yourself Off. ...more

happynewlife - Hm... I don't think I've had a "relationship agenda" per se, but I hear what ...more

Stay Present!

Here’s an email I got recently:“I wanted to thank you also for your story about "presence" that you told at your talk recently at Open Secret Book Store in San Rafael. I had an important experience of that this weekend. I have been contemplating dating a man I met recently who is a financially successful lobbyist, and we have many other interests aside from politics. The wining and dining is great, but when we're together, it is odd: he is always distracted by his cell, a meeting, not enough time, etc....more


Reading Maria Niles' blog about "purging" the negative really hit home - particularly the 'toxic'ones who hold you down.  Now I know many of you want to stop reading now and just roll your eyes with - isn't that obvious?...more

Take it in, Breathe it out, Let it go...

Ah, breakups. The joy of telling someone you aren’t interested in them in a romantic way. I am honest when doing this. Not brutally honest – if I think your laugh is obnoxious or your penis is too small, I leave that out of the discussion. But, I flat out say that I don’t feel that sort of connection. And I keep it as nice as possible, especially if I truly hope to be friends with this person. ...more

Know What You Want In A Relationship? I Do. So What?

It always seems to me like knowing what you want will make things so much better. And yet, once you get there – no matter how long THAT takes – you soon find that knowing what you want is more like a first step in a process. And getting there is the real nightmare. I remember in my 20s when I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. If only I could figure it out, I reasoned, then everything would be so much better. I ached to be rid of the quest to figure out what I wanted. ...more

Unfortunately too many women are telling their guys on too many days what they want and ...more

The First Cut is the Deepest

Reaching the stage of an empty nest means that you have been a parental unit for a long time. You watched your child grow through many different stages from infancy to young adult. Most of us are not well prepared for any milestone and we wing it as best we can with as much support as we can muster. One stage none of us is ever ready for is that of a broken heart. ...more

Deep Blue Something


Living An Authentic Life

When deciding what to title today’s Blog post, I changed my mind about six times. “‘Living An Authentic Life’ sounded too Oprah,” I thought. But, truly, it’s what felt best. So, the pardon the title if it feels too familiar. So how do we live an authentic life? How do we live a life just and true? I figure we have a limited number of years on this earth, so we may as well live it as authentically as possible and on our own terms, right?...more