An Ode to the Married Man to My Right

A friend of mine recently told me that she had an affair with a married man. Gasp!!! Meh, get over your shock, people are human. There are handsome and vital men out there, and maybe their wives refuse to touch them. Perhaps it’s been ten years since his wife touched him. People need love, affection and warmth. Now, now, I am NOT an advocate for cheating, but I really try not to judge. More importantly, I’m not perfect, so why would anyone else have to be?...more
Also, the other woman dreams of the day that he leaves the wife and marries her, the real woman ...more

Why she will never really forgive you for cheating

When a girl is cheated on, she will never forget it. Its not because she is a grudge holder, but because she is torn in a way no man can understand. As women we want to be the only one our partner wants. When our man has some type of relationship with another woman, a relationship that is similar or better than what we had with him, we start to feel like she is better than we are, like we have been replaced. Women usually put their heart and soul into a relationship with every emotion possible. When a man is unfaithful, we wont forget and here is why. ...more

The Characteristics of a Cheater Revealed

What you get from stealing someone else’s partner and the characteristics of a cheater have been revealed by science. Most of us know that morally speaking stealing someone else’s man is a no no. You know the whole thou shall not commit adultery thing and if “he did it with you, he’ll do it to you” theory, but now there’s science to back it up....more

Phases of Coping with a Cheating Partner.. Before You Let Go

Phases of Coping with a Cheating Partner.. Before You Let Go Having a cheating partner is for me, the worst thing that can happen to anyone. It drains your self-esteem, humiliates you, cheapens you and just makes you question the goodness of everything. It doesn't matter what reasons or justifications are given... It's destructive and it hurts. ...more

Does a Gift Soften the Blow of a Cheating Mate?

Does a gift soften the blow of a cheating partner?It is common trend for high profile men (and men alike) to gift their lady with an expensive gift after a major blow up. Celebrities are best known for this, with celebrities like Gabrielle Union and Eudoxie receiving engagement rings and diamond bracelets after the news of a cheating mate hit the media. What these women have in common, is the fact that they were both given extravagant gifts following an infidelity. Were these gifts intended to pacify the women in their lives?...more

What Do You Consider Cheating?

This question means different things to different people. Most people in traditional monogamous relationships believe sexual infidelity is cheating, but do you believe it's deeper than just that?...more

You're Having An Affair....

and you probably don’t even know it, because you think having an affair is all about sex with someone other than your man/woman. But there is another type of affair that might hurt just a bit more… emotional affair. For some, an emotional affair is far more hurtful because it consists of a deeper connection,  yes…..even deeper than penetration. Sex can pop off at any moment but it takes time to develop an emotional connection with someone....more

Is Cheating in a Relationship Ever Forgivable?

In my opinion, you have to ask the right questions going into the relationship. These questions include the obvious, “Did any of your past relationships end in cheating on your part?” If the answer is yes, it’s important to know whether the cheating has been a pattern or if it was a one time thing. There is a big debate over the phrase, “Once a cheater, always a cheater”. ...more