Lessons The Worst Hookup Of My Life Taught Me About Relationships

Oh no, I thought. Did my dick just ruin a family?I've always felt that we learn a lot more from our mistakes than from our triumphs. Although, admittedly, this might just be me trying to rationalize the bad decisions I’ve made.I’ve often described my approach to life as “fucking up in the right direction,” trying to pull life lessons from my blunders in order to make them sting a bit less. Some nights, you have to pull an epiphany from your worst choices — the alternative being taking a long, hard look at your life....more
I'm sorry but that was hilarious! Great point at the end though :)more

Trust issues... trying to overcome these.

So every day I seem to find myself looking towards him every time his phone rings or if he's just on his phone... deep inside I know he's not being unfaithful.... but since he has in the past it always leaves me with this uncertainty. I know I chose to stay after finding out and that I have to let it go.... but as soon as I'm getting to be 100% at ease it's like he says or does something to make me doubt and he isn't doing it intentionally... I just need some input because I now and believe he is regretful on his mistake. Any input out there?...more
I don't like giving relationship 'advice' when I'm terrible at my own human relationships. That ...more

Your Partner Is Cheating In A Long-Distance Affair. Does That Make It Okay?

The heading of this post sounds like the title for a best-selling book. Or a poorly scripted “Lifetime Movie.” Sadly, the story I’m about to share is not fiction. It’s real and it’s painful. I went back and forth about whether I wanted to put down in words what’s been happening in my life the past few months. My first reaction was to set my blog to private, close down my Facebook account, curl up and whimper....more

Once A Cheater? 5 Types Of Cheaters Revealed

We’ve all heard the saying, once a cheater, always a cheater… but is there truth in this rather cliché allegation?  Or are we condemning innocent men worldwide, who may have screwed up once or twice, to be bound in that big box of infidelity?  Obviously all men aren’t the same… or are they? ...more
I absolutely loved this post! U honestly hit the nail on the head. Great read \U0001f44dmore

Infidelity - Is Ignorance Bliss?

The hacking of the Ashley Madison website and posting of that information on the internet for all to access raised a question for many married persons – “Is my spouse cheating on me?”  When I read about persons searching this informational trove I thought about that game we played as adolescents.   The game where we pulled the petals of a flower as we recited “He loves me……He loves me not” hoping that it would end on the right choice.    I know that persons are hoping that they do not find the name and information of their spouse among the Ashley Madison inform...more

Help! My Husband Sleeps With Everybody!

The first time (that I know of) he cheated was the most devastating.  I was naïve in the beginning and he always went to great lengths to make up for his wrongdoings.  Similar to a physically abusive mate, he would buy really nice gifts when I would catch him in an indiscretion....more