Infidelity - Is Ignorance Bliss?

The hacking of the Ashley Madison website and posting of that information on the internet for all to access raised a question for many married persons – “Is my spouse cheating on me?”  When I read about persons searching this informational trove I thought about that game we played as adolescents.   The game where we pulled the petals of a flower as we recited “He loves me……He loves me not” hoping that it would end on the right choice.    I know that persons are hoping that they do not find the name and information of their spouse among the Ashley Madison inform...more

Help! My Husband Sleeps With Everybody!

The first time (that I know of) he cheated was the most devastating.  I was naïve in the beginning and he always went to great lengths to make up for his wrongdoings.  Similar to a physically abusive mate, he would buy really nice gifts when I would catch him in an indiscretion....more

Once A Cheater? 5 Types Of Cheaters Revealed

We’ve all heard the saying, once a cheater, always a cheater… but is there truth in this cliché allegation?  Or are we condemning innocent men worldwide, who may have screwed up once or twice, to be bound in that big box of infidelity?  Obviously all men aren’t the same… or are they?  After comparing notes and anecdotes with a seasoned group of girlfriends, wives, and serial daters, we’ve analyzed the data, pin-pointed some patterns, and we’ve broken thing...more

Can a Marriage Survive an Affair? (A Three-Part Series) Part II

Top Ten Reasons Why People Cheat : Part  II          There are many different reasons why people have affairs, and any of the below reasons, separately or in combination, can be the reason. 1) Taking Each other for Granted Affair ...more

Why People Cheat... and Sneaky Ways They Get Away With It

Recently I was surprised to read an article in the Wall Street Journal on cheating. The article "Are You Likely to Have an Affair?" found that you're more likely to cheat if: your in the year before a milestone birthday (interesting, but sad), you have relationship dissatisfaction (still not right), you have opportunity to cheat (opportunity is enough?), and more....more

An Ode to the Married Man to My Right

A friend of mine recently told me that she had an affair with a married man. Gasp!!! Meh, get over your shock, people are human. There are handsome and vital men out there, and maybe their wives refuse to touch them. Perhaps it’s been ten years since his wife touched him. People need love, affection and warmth. Now, now, I am NOT an advocate for cheating, but I really try not to judge. More importantly, I’m not perfect, so why would anyone else have to be?...more
Also, the other woman dreams of the day that he leaves the wife and marries her, the real woman ...more

Why she will never really forgive you for cheating

When a girl is cheated on, she will never forget it. Its not because she is a grudge holder, but because she is torn in a way no man can understand. As women we want to be the only one our partner wants. When our man has some type of relationship with another woman, a relationship that is similar or better than what we had with him, we start to feel like she is better than we are, like we have been replaced. Women usually put their heart and soul into a relationship with every emotion possible. When a man is unfaithful, we wont forget and here is why. ...more

The Characteristics of a Cheater Revealed

What you get from stealing someone else’s partner and the characteristics of a cheater have been revealed by science. Most of us know that morally speaking stealing someone else’s man is a no no. You know the whole thou shall not commit adultery thing and if “he did it with you, he’ll do it to you” theory, but now there’s science to back it up....more