I left him but the grief I feel is all mine

I’m outside huddled under the eave on Mother’s back porch because it is raining and snowing and I need a cigarette. A crutch. I struggled so hard to stop smoking so many times but today I need a cigarette. Oh, I have my glass of wine too. Another crutch. I am healing but the pain is so intense that it grips me and I am unable to concentrate or focus so I rely on the great friend who always calms me and helps me to relax the shoulders that are all too often up around my ears these days....more

It's all about choices...do you love the one your with?

contact: Rhonda Chaney http://www.midlifecafe.comrchaney.midlifecafe@gmail.com...more

The Oscar-Worthy Garden in It's Complicated: I'd like to thank Meryl...

Rhonda Fleming Hayes It was Christmas time, not the time when one's attention turns to garden blogs. On a lark, I thought to write about the gorgeous kitchen garden in the new movie, It's Complicated, starring Meryl Streep. Who would have thought it would become the most popular post on my little seedling on a new garden blog? ...more

Sick Kids and Sucky Language

 It's been hard for me to get back to writing because for the past three weeks, I've been dealing with one sick kid after another; and I have four you know! Between Nia and Nadia, I've been keeping our neighborhood pharmacy busy of late. They're actually calling me on a daily basis and asking if I need something....more

Are monkeys more sexually evolved than we are?

Listener Question:  Tell me, why does dropping one’s drawers have to be the line of demarcation? Is that really the point of no return? If so, then why do you consider it as such? My studies of aboriginal Polynesian societies have led me to delve into customs of touching in other nearly nude societies, including those of primates, with whom we share 98% of our DNA. These societies have no drawers to drop, yet raised peaceful, sexually wise kids.Maryanne Answer: Good question: what about dropping one’s drawers creates such a hard line?...more

"Got Milf? - A Mommalogue" by Sarah Maizes

"Got Milf?"  You should!  This is a link to the video of my performance of my "Mommalogue" (I made up that word...so proud of it), which I performed for "Expressing Motherhood" here in LA last month.Send this video to your girlfriends, sisters, aunts (yes...maybe even your own mother) and let them know it's time for Milf's EVERYWHERE to stand up and be counted!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYJ8PL6OxxI(F.Y.I., there is no inappropriate material contained on the video - but the language is a little "sassy")....more

Learning to Love Me Again



I read your blog about your divorce and money it really inspired me as I ...more

Jungle Fever - Who's The Biggest Cheat-ah?!!

 Ladies, it was just this past weekend that I found myself in the middle of a heated debate with both men and women who shared different views about a topic that is very very argumentative...and that is...When it comes to relationships, who are the biggest cheaters?!...more

The Tulips / 3 Simple Steps to Survive a Break-Up

Last Spring, I bought a pot of tulips for this small courtyard at my house. They were picture perfect and I thought they'd add color and life to the area. Well.. if you know me , you'll know that I eventually... killed them. Yes. Dead. Done. There, I said it! So I relegated the pot to the side of the house and it's been sitting there - pot and all - since last year. The other day, I was putting away stuff on the side when I noticed the pot again - it had EIGHT tufts of green somethings poking out from the soil! I was stunned. How did this happen? I stopped everything and just kneeled down, stared at it, and marveled. How did this plant spring back when it was clearly half past dead? Then it hit me. I had the same story....more

I definitely will.