Thoughtful First Date Gifts for Her

First dates are usually full of excitement and thrills. Excitement of finally having the time to know the person you think would be someone interesting, and the thrill of what the date would turn out. It may turn out successful, which means you will both end up interested to meet up again for another date, or it may be just something for the first date only. Both you or your partner may be nervous about the date and one way to break the ice and alleviate the tension is to being a gift....more

My Next First Date

Being back on the dating market meant actually going on a first date. And woo wee - I was out of practice....more

You Have Two Minutes To Make A Good First Date Impression

“All dating, is speed dating” – reads the Time Out infographic from their recent the world of dating survey.According to the survey, 41% of respondents said it only took them 2-3 minutes into a first date to decide if they wanted a second one. Cities like Chicago, LA and London fared even worse with over 50% deciding that quickly....more

Ask Yourself These 4 Questions Before You Turn Down A Second Date

Have you ever gone on a date that went well enough, but you weren’t sure if you should go on a second date?It happens to the best of us. We met someone, had a decent date, but there was no spark. Nothing bad happened on the date so there are no major complaints or red flags, but the lack of spark left you undecided about a second date.When we romanticize love, we think about that first moment when you meet someone and your heart skips a beat. You feel the butterflies in your stomach and you automatically just know. As great as love at first sight seems, it isn’t real....more
adelewishnot so glad the advice was right on time for you. You're right, fireworks fizzle, and ...more

The Most Important Question to Ask On a 1st Date

When dating with a purpose, the single most important question you should ask and be able to answer honestly on your first date is what are you looking for? It’s never too early to get your intentions out of the way and see whether they align with a new or potential partner....more
Gael Breton Thank you Gael. We really should be setting the tone for our relationship as early ...more

Our First Date

Four years ago… today.I can remember the day like it was yesterday.It was a Thursday. I could barely concentrate during the day, thinking about what I would wear and how the night would pan out.I remember racing home, jumping in the shower, blow-drying my hair and carefully setting my outfit out for very our first date....more

A Simple Way To Fall In Love

As I read Mandy Len Catron’s Modern Love essay in the New York Time’s this weekend, I couldn’t help but find it familiar. In the essay she refers to a study by psychologist Arthur Aron that explores whether intimacy and love can be accelerated between two strangers by having them ask and answer each other a specific set of personal questions in one sitting....more

5 Tips For Your Next First Date

When a man goes on a date, he’s more likely to consider your physical appearance before any other attribute to determine if he’ll be seeing you again. The sad truth is that not only is physical appearance important to a man on a first date, it’s also one of the main things that contribute to his happiness and satisfaction in a marriage. In knowing this harsh reality, a woman must make a great first impression....more

I Was Told I Wasn't "Pretty" On A First Date

I can honestly say that I have been on some of the worst dates in the history of the world.  And, of course, I totally checked the history of the world before I made that claim to fame.  Today, I’m going to share one of my more treasured memories with you. You may want to sit down for this one.  Scratch that.  Grab your laptop, find a friggin’ bed and lay down.  Yeah, it’s that bad....more
Horrible!  I am SO glad you ended the date right then and there, instead of muddling through it ...more

'Is it still raining? I hadn't noticed.' The Bizarre World of Internet Dating

Today I am going to share a dating story with you.  Without embellishment it could fill seats at the Odean Leicester Square!I should probably point out  that I am nearer to 50 than I am to 40 and should definitely know better.....I had been on for a number of weeks with a few single dates under my belt (note I didn't say below my belt) but not much to write home (or here) about....more